The Appalachian Region was recognized by PCA as the Public Service Award Winning Region for its Public Service efforts in 2018. The Appalachian Region Public Service programs supported MANNA Foodbank, Read to Succeed and the local VA Hospital.

The Appalachian Region has continued its Public Service efforts in 2020 and 2021 with fundraising and support programs specific to the cities and venues where events are held and regular monthly volunteer efforts with MANNA Foodbank.

2021 Public Service Programs

The primary charitable activity for the Region in 2021 was MANNA Foodbank. Volunteers from the club met once a month to sort food and pack boxes that are distributed to local foodbanks throughout Western North Carolina to help those in need of food support that month.

MANNA Foodbank was also the featured charity of the annual Holiday Party where over $17,500 was raised that will serve over 46,800 meals throughout WNC.

Other benefactors of Appalachian Region Public Service efforts in 2021 included:

  • Rocky Bottom Retreat and Conference Center for the Blind
  • First Baptist Church of Blowing Rock
  • Blowing Rock Art and History Museum
  • Crabtree United Methodist Church Foodbank
  • Meals on Wheels in Henderson and Buncombe Counties
  • Eblen Toy Drive

All-New Public Service Strategy Committee for 2022

For 2022 a Public Service Committee was formed to identify a strategy and process to select the charities for the Region to support throughout the year. The committee is led by David Angelus with support from David Butler, Paula Caycedo, Scott Pleune and Yohan Sookdeo.

The role of the Public Service Committee is to:

  • Identify primary Public Service activities for the Region to support through membership involvement, financial support and fundraising.
  • Assist event chairperson’s plan and potentially execute Public Service activities, as deemed necessary and appropriate.
  • Seek opportunities to establish challenge grants and work to identify PCA members and/or local businesses willing to offer matching financial support for specific charitable activities.

Appalachian Region Public Service Strategy

Appalachian Region (APR) Public Service Objective

To engage in charitable activities, including the conducting of fundraising events for Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) organizations, but in no way endorsing the establishment of a 501(c)(3) organization associated or affiliated with the Club. (source: APR PCA bylaws)

Public Service Committee Priorities (ranked top to bottom)

  1. Determine the Region’s Public Service annual program and establish a process to evaluate charities and Public Service Opportunities.
  2. Determine a potential Public Service effort with Luft Wasser and AA, under the leadership the designated event chairpersons respectively.
  3. Ongoing Committee/Board Oversight
    ◦ Help event chairperson’s lead Public Service activities as agreed by the Board, if support deemed necessary by chairperson.
    ◦ Identify a main charity for the Region to support and secondary charities that may or may not revolve each year.
    ◦ Develop public service partnerships and events.
    ◦ Evaluate Public Service Activities that present themselves throughout the year outside of the annual plan as approved by the Board.

Four APR PCA Charity Pillars

  1. Volunteering → PCA opportunity for members to provide time/talent to a charity on a regular basis (i.e., Manna Foodbank, etc.)
  2. Participating → PCA opportunity for members to participate in charity event or benefit where a portion of event entry fees benefit a charity (i.e., AA, VA car show, Luft Wasser)
  3. Giving → PCA opportunity for members to provide financial support or gifts to a charity on an ad-hoc or annual basis (i.e., annual holiday party, toy drive, financial donation at time of PCA event registration)
  4. Community Engagement → Region members who individually volunteer with local charities and Boards outside of PCA; and seek to align effort (hours, dollars) towards APR charity giving

Governance Process

  • Region membership asked to identify (and sponsor) potential charities using a standard APR charity nomination form. The nomination form will be posted on the APR website as an online form to complete and submit.
    ◦ For the Region’s annual charity, nominations to be sought in the October timeframe for upcoming year (an off-cycle process will need to occur in 1Q22 to identify candidates for the initial 2022 kick-off year)
    ◦ Charities must be a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization (source: APR PCA bylaws)
    ◦ Charities to be evaluated by the Committee using industry best practices and standard evaluation tools such as and other comparable fact-based assessment tools
    ◦ Other selection criteria will consider: the charities mission and purpose, benefits provided to our local communities, geographic area or community served, historical success rates and tenure of the organization, federal income tax filings and the percent of monies allocated to administrative fees
    ◦ A group distribution list has been established for Region members to submit questions and nomination forms for review using the Charity Contact Page. All committee members will concurrently receive a copy of any questions submitted
  • Committee to identify the annual standing charities identified for potential Board endorsement (such as Manna, AA, VA car show, Luft Wasser)
    ◦ Event chairperson’s to lead, plan and execute annual standing Public Service activities, in partnership with the Public Service Committee, if necessary
    ◦ As new events are added to the PCA calendar, the Charity Committee will support the event chairperson(s) when a charitable element is being considered (i.e., potential event at a Brevard estate)
    ◦ For these types of events and others, the Public Service committee will accept and review charity nomination forms throughout the calendar year as they are submitted for specific activities
  • APR Public Service Committee to review candidate charity submissions and prepares Board recommendation on annual and other charities
  • For charities approved by the PCA Board, PCA member (sponsor) and charity to develop approach and timing to solicit PCA members at events, with support of the Public Service Committee as deemed necessary

November 2021 App Cafe and Toy Drive

Nominations for Annual Support of Charities by Appalachian Region

Nominations of charities to be supported by Appalachian Region in 2022 opens on February 5, 2022. Nominations will be taken until February 25, 2022. To nominate a Charity, complete this online Charity Nomination Form form, which will be forwarded to the Public Service Committee for consideration. BEFORE YOU BEGIN preview the form HERE; it asks for information about your charity that you may not have at hand.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Committee through their Charity Contact Page.

Nominations for 2023 Charitable Support and Public Service Activities by the Appalachian Region will open October 15, 2022.