Donate to MANNA FoodBank and you could win one of the following:

  • Ceramic Coating for your Porsche from the Porsche Certified body shop, K&M Collision
  • Porsche Design Garmin EPIX Watch
  • Ceramic Coating for your Porsche from IR Auto 

The Oktoberfest Celebration is all about helping to raise money for MANNA FoodBank while having fun with your Porsche and Porsche Club members.

Bid and Win in the Ticket Auction

This year we are trying a new form of auction: a Ticket Auction.  

You will be able to purchase ticket auction tickets at a cost of one for $20 or six for $100.  You will be given your tickets when you check in at Oktoberfest and then you decide what you would like to have a chance to win: one of two available Ceramic Coatings for your Porsche or a stylish, technologically advanced Porsche Design Garmin EPIX watch. 


10 OFest 106During the appetizer time of the Oktoberfest Celebration while you are enjoying your fresh-baked German pretzel, you can drop your ticket(s) in the container for the item(s) that you want to have a chance to win.  You can put one ticket in each container, or if you buy multiple tickets you can put as many tickets as you want in a container if you want to increase your chances of winning.  To buy tickets, click the "Buy Tickets" button that will re-direct you to a MANNA donation page.  Indicate the donation you are making and will provide tickets on the day of the event for the amount that you donate. $20 =1 ticket, $40=2 tickets, $60=3 tickets $100=6 tickets and $200 = 12 tickets.

How the Ticket Auction Benefits Your Neighbors in WNC

Many of our neighbors across WNC are facing the socio-economic perfect storm of rising housing costs with increased food and transportation costs during a time that wages are hardly keeping up. Or, in the case of Canton, a major employer is leaving the region.  

For every $20 ticket purchased, MANNA FoodBank, is able to deliver 80 meals to your WNC neighbors facing food insecurity issues.  If you purchase six tickets for $100 that contribution can provide up to 400 meals.

MANNA and its network of food providers is often the thing helping a household scrape by from one month to the next. Neighbors attending the MANNA food markets, report that without MANNA support and its Partner Network, many would have nothing to eat.  

Help reduce food insecurity issues in WNC with a donation by purchasing tickets to participate in the ticket auction.


Three Great Prizes from Our Sponsors and Members

Ceramic Coating from the Porsche-Certified Body Shop, K&M Collision

 A $2,000 Ceramic Coating applied by the Porsche Certified Body Shop K&M Collision is available to win in the ticket auction.  K&M Collision is an Appalachian Region Titanium Sponsor located in Hickory, North Carolina.  K&M is just one of two Porsche-Certified body shops in North Carolina, Their Porsche Certification requires them to meet exacting standards for the certification that extends to their Ceramic Coating process.

Long-lasting protection is the main reason Porsche owners choose a ceramic coating over the other options.  Ceramic Coating is a hard-shell coating that will help prevent water stains, road grime, bird droppings and other substances from reaching and harming the paint.  With a quick rinse, the dirt and grime will slide right off.

Ceramic Coating reduces the need for an annual waxing of your vehicle as it will provide protection for three to five years.

A Porsche Design Garmin EPIX Watch donated by a member


The Porsche Design Garmin GPS multisport smartwatch with unique Porsche details combines a sporty, elegant design and the latest smart watch functionality.  Classic analog or modern digital: this smartwatch has two customizable watch faces in the Porsche look. The Porsche crest is engraved on the red start/stop button. The black silicone strap and clasp bear the Porsche logo. The dial, which is also black, is finished with Porsche branding and red Porsche details.

The Porsche Design Garmin smartwatch also has a range of impressive functions: extensive health functions such as 24/7 heart rate measurement, oxygen saturation, recording of physiological values such as training status, VO2max values and recovery times. Over 60 sports and outdoor activity profiles and animated workouts are available through the watch.

The Porsche Design Garmin EPIX Watch is valued at $1,250 and is being made available due to a kind donation by an Appalachian Region member.


Ceramic Coating from IR Auto, Premium Paint Protection Specialists

 The Ceramic Coating Package from the Appalachian Region AppCafe´ sponsor IR Auto Solutions will consist of a thorough wash, paint decontamination, single-stage paint correction and, a 5-Year SB3 ceramic coating application to your vehicle's painted surfaces. 

This package is valued at $1,500 and will provide you with UV-Protection, Ease of Maintenance, and an extremely glossy finish for years to come 

Never worry about waxing your car during this time if you win this package from IR Auto.

Donate Now and Buy Tickets to Win!

Buy one ticket for $20 or six tickets for $100; it all helps feed those in need in WNC and gives you a chance to win.  Click the donate button to go to the MANNA FoodBank donation page.  Please specify Porsche Club so we can track the generosity of our members.  

To buy tickets, click the "Buy Tickets" button that will re-direct you to a MANNA donation page.  Indicate the donation you are making and will provide tickets on the day of the event for the amount that you donate. $20 =1 ticket, $40=2 tickets, $60=3 tickets $100=6 tickets and $200 = 12 tickets.

The fundraising goal is $10,000.  If each APR member donates $100, you will help the Appalachian Region meet and exceed our goal.  Donate today by clicking this button.

10 OFest 106