On Sunday, May 21, 2023 the Appalachian Region of PCA took over Point Lookout Vineyards to welcome new members to the Region.  Forty-seven new members and their guests joined existing members for a total of 120 members meeting and enjoying each other’s company.


This was our first year at Point Lookout Vineyards in Hendersonville after we outgrew The Ramble Pavilion.  The Appalachian Region is now 435 primary members with 677 total members.

Carole and Gene Carter brought a new concept to our picnic to welcome New Members to the Appalachian Region.  It was a whole lot less work for our volunteers and provided a terrific venue to enjoy each other’s company. As you can see in the photo “the lookout” provided a bird’s eye view of rows of member’s Porsches. 

New members were provided with preferred parking up on top just outside of the pavilion where we enjoyed the festivities.  Porsche Asheville was present with a stunning Python Green Macan GTS.  The interior even featured deviated green stitching on the black leather seats with green seat belts.  Club member and Porsche salesman Ron Klahr was present and can get you into this unique Macan if you are interested.


A full afternoon was planned that included a box lunch with the option to buy a bottle of Point Lookout Vineyard’s wine, a photo scavenger hunt and an ice cream sundae bar.

Tables were planned so several existing members were at each table with several new members.  Seating was planned based on where each person lived so that you were paired with members from the area live so you could create a connection that might lead to a longer-term friendship.


   Assigned seating takes the “who are we going to sit with” anxiety out of the equation and gives everyone a chance to meet new people.  It is a lot of work but it helps to make the club friendly space and hopefully not so cliquey as is the knock against many Porsche regions.

The first icebreaker at the table was the raffling of the centerpiece of the Porsche flag and German flag in a little bee hive vase.  These were highly coveted items with winners chosen by who was sitting in the seat with the ladybug sticker on it.  Based on the way people eagerly looked for the sticker, you would have thought we were giving an actual Porsche away.  

When a photo scavenger hunt was announced, I will admit I was dubious about whether members would participate, but it turned out to be a great way to enjoy the cars as you had to look at each car in search for the “eye”, the airplane, sea turtle or multitude of other items.  

It was interesting to see the various techniques employed.  Some people wanted to search out the items on their own while others worked as team sharing where some of the more difficult items were located. Forty to fifty members participated usually representing a husband-and-wife entry so it is safe to say that 90-100 of the 120 at the picnic played the game.

 I am not sure if it was just a great excuse to look at concours field of cars, the competitive nature of the members or the chance to win a prize.  Everybody likes to win whether it is the $80 official Porsche coffee tumbler that Don Zelm won or the one of the many hats given away.

The big prize in my book was the ice cream sundae bar.  Based on the line I would say it was the hit of many of the members.  A beautiful sunny day topped with two scoops of ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, sprinkles and chocolate drops.  That is enough sugar to keep us all up all night.  But, boy was it good.

Each new member received an envelope with Appalachian Region window clings to apply to their car and a Region patch to show that they are official members of the Appalachian Region.  I am hoping though that the bigger benefit is meeting new friends to share Porsche experiences with in the future. 

I hope to see you at a future event whether it be a drive, a social, dinner or for a cup of coffee.


App Cafe´ Porsches & Coffee on May 27

Plan on joining us next Saturday, May 27 at App Café´ Porsches & Coffee that is held on the backside of the Asheville Outlets Mall from 8:15 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.  This is a casual event where you bring your Porsche out, enjoy a chat, a coffee and a snack first thing in the morning while wandering the 40 or so Porsches that usually show up. No commitment; come and go as your schedule allows.  Here are the details on the location.

See you at the Café!

Thanks to our volunteers for making the day happen.


  • Carole Carter
  • Gene Carter


  • Carole Carter
  • Lynne Cigal


  • Gene Carter
  • Charlie Hickey
  • Dave White
  • Mark Cigal
  • Scott Pluene
  • Bill Price
  • Yohan Sookdeo