As the weather turns in the mountains, we move the first Saturday events to Tech Sessions where we can be indoors while not having to guess the weather and whether we can navigate the mountain roads. A rainy morning on Saturday, November 5, 2022 reminded the 34 Appalachian Region members who came to HPTautosports in Arden why we talk tech this time of the year.

Appalachian Region member Scott Rowbotham hosted the region at his shop for a demonstration of how his company, HPTautosports uses 3D printing to prototype parts.  HPTautosports specializes in performance parts for Japanese cars but the process applies to Porsches as well. Porsche also uses 3D printing for specialized parts and many members have considered trying 3D printing themselves as a hobby activity so it was a full house.

Of course, Appalachian Region couldn’t have a morning event without coffee and donuts, and Scott’s wife Janelle didn’t let us down as boxes of donuts and jugs of coffee arrived for the typical early-arriving crew of Appalachian Region.  The buzz was loud as everyone was enjoying being out of the house on a rainy day.

After the 3D printing demo where we all got a 3D printed key fob, we then moved into the garage bay to take a look at Scott’s and Greg Carder’s “new to them” Porsche 997.1 GT3 Cup Car.  It is so new that they haven’t had it on the track yet but hope to have it at VIR at the upcoming HPDE.  Eleven Appalachian Region members are attending this DE event. It will be exciting to see this “beast” attacking the famous uphill esses at VIR.

This car is about 2,900 lbs. with a horsepower rating just short of 400.  The power to weight ratio will make this car a formidable track car for Scott and Greg.  It has a sequential shifter; meaning straight up with no clutch for upshifting and pulling back for downshifts which do require using the clutch since there is an auto-blip system for rev-matching downshifts.

Scott fired up the car and the roar reverberated throughout the garage. Everyone had stepped out of the garage as it would have been too deafening to be standing next to the car in an enclosed space.

The day ended with a Porsches & Coffee vibe as everyone just enjoyed talking and looking at the 30-some Porsches parked in the lot.  Scott raffled off Porsche art pieces created with the 3D printer for four lucky members.  

A non-PCA drive also sprung up with some attendees deciding to drive off into the mountains in spite of the rain and wet leaves covering the corners of Jeter Mountain. We ended the event with lunch at the Burning Blush Brewery.

Upcoming Events

December brings the Holiday Party on December 6. It is a joint party with Porsche Asheville in their showroom. This year’s event supports Helpmate a women’s abuse shelter.  Watch your inbox in the coming weeks for the invitation and specific details.

The other big December event is the Members’ Annual Meeting on December 10, 2022.  This year we are at a new venue, the Weaverville Community Center. 

Please plan on attending to hear how the region performed against the 2022 goals and to learn what goals the Board has set for 2023.  An open forum will also be held to gain input from any and all members with ideas on how to deliver on the Appalachian Region mission of:

“Having fun with Porsches!”

See you at the Holiday Party and the Annual Members’ Meeting.

Jim Moore – Appalachian President