A group of Appalachian Region drivers couldn’t make the traditional Carolina’s Region Fall Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP) track event due to a conflict with Appalachian Adventure, so the group decided to try the September 17 and 18, 2022 “Hooked on Driving” (HOD) CMP driving event.

Eight drivers signed up, but due to one car problem only seven made the event.  We had a mix of Porsches, from a Boxster S to a Turbo 911 to a GT4 made for the track.  Four of us left together to caravan together for the three-hour trip to CMP.  The other four drivers opted to come on their own schedule.

                                                                       The Four Horsemen:  FInesse, Beauty, Speed and Power

Friday night started with dinner at Steeplechase Sports Bar where we all became acquainted and started discussing what the new drivers could expect.  We had three first-time High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE) including Bob, Jim W and Diana.  Gordon was at his second event while Harry, Jim M and Don were assigned to the advanced driving group.

Left to Right:  Diana, Rolind, Don, Jim and Bob
(Photo Jim Woods)

Turbo Bear and Blu Byou garaged at CMP

It was an early start on Saturday with the driver’s meeting at 7:00 a.m. so after a quick 6:00 a.m. breakfast, the team was off to the track at 6:20 a.m.  Most drivers are so excited about the prospect of driving on a track at speed experiencing the performance that their Porsche was designed for that the adrenaline has them awake and ready to drive.

The advance group was the first group out while the new drivers were in the classroom learning the basics.  Don and Harry came out of the box fast while Jim M took the first session to get reacclimated to driving at speed. Jim did get some practice on how to give the “pass-by” signal.

When the new drivers came in from their first session it was smiles from ear to ear. Each one of the new drivers had an instructor with them in the right seat to help teach the correct line on the track and assist with braking points, apexes and acceleration points.

Jim and his Cayman S Bob and his 911S

 It was a beautiful weekend weather-wise, low 80’s and sunny.  The event was a low attended event so in the advanced group we only had seven cars. You author, Jim M soon got up to speed and was holding his own against the other drivers in the group while now receiving the “pass-by” signal instead of giving it.

Gordon and his Boxster S Diana in her GT3 RS

At the endof the day everyone gathered for a steak and telling ‘war stories” from the track at Sam Kendall’s one of the few fine restaurants in Camden, South Carolina.  While entering the restaurant we all enjoyed this non-Porsche, a ’63 Impala SS that was parked on the street.

1963 Chevrolet Impala SS as seen on the streets of Camden, South Carolina

Jim M awarded the honorary Porsche Racing (HPDE) badge that every first-time HPDE driver receives after a successful first day on the track. Bob, Jim W, Diana, her instructor Rolind , and Steve as an honorary HPDE member based on his photography of all of us on track, vowed to wear their patch with honor.

On Sunday, the second day everyone was seemly a little tired from the first day of track driving so some of the drivers started departing after lunch.After each time on the track there is a debrief and consultation with your instructor as Harry is receiving from instructor Jay who had just provided him with a lead/follow exercise around the track.

Harry receiving an after-drive de-briefing "Monsta", the GT3 RS

It was a fun weekend of driving and everyone was definitely “Hooked on Driving.

The next track event for Appalachian Region is the world-famous Virginia International Raceway (VIR) on November 18 and 29, 2022.  You can register on Club Registration using this link.

If you want more information, consult the Appalachian Region calendar promotion blurb or contact DE Chair David Wells or President Jim Moore.

Jim Moore – Appalachian Region President