Eight Appalachian Region members traveled to Johnson City, Tennessee on Sunday, August 8, 2022 to compete in the Wilderness Trail Autocross series.  Appalachian Region represented a third of the participants for the day with drivers in classic and modern Porsches.

Why aren’t Porsches the Fastest Cars on the Course?

One question that was raised looking at the results is why are the fastest times being recorded by a Mazda Miata (first and third), Honda Civics (second) and Ford Focus (first in previous Autocross), as opposed to one of the Porsches?

First, you need to have a very good and experienced driver in the car.  The second and overriding reason that allows a very good driver to take a low horsepower car and beat the times of a much higher horsepower Porsche GT4 or other model is the size and layout of the course.  

Since the Wilderness Trail courses are tight, postage-stamp size courses, the layout becomes an equalizer where horsepower doesn’t come into play.  Instead, a small, nimble car can attack the cones and perform at a more efficient level than the larger Porsches that may find the gates tighter and more difficult to maneuver through.

The other advantage of some of the non-Porsches, such as the Honda Civic and Ford Focus is their front-wheel drive drivetrain.  This allows them to navigate the cone with power that swings the rear-end around to once-again navigate the cones in a more efficient manner.  

Everyone participating is competing against like-vehicles, so even though you may not be winning fastest time of the day, you will have a similar Boxster, 911, Cayman, air-cooled Porsche or other similar Porsche model that you will be competing against.  You can even bring your Macan or Cayenne out to run.

The Wilderness Trail Autocross Series is done for the year, but driving in the Highland Sports Car Club Autocross events is still an option for 2022.  Here is a schedule of their remaining events:  https://hscc.club/events-results/

If you want more information on Autocross you can also contact Appalachian Region VP and Autocross Chair John Goetzman.

Drive on and watch the cones!

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