Track time is all about testing the limits of your Porsche and taking your skill to the next level. To assist you with this endeavor, PCA Regions host High Performance Driver’s Education (HPDE) events across the country.

These are fun, educational events where you can really learn about the performance of your Porsche while improving your driving skills. For a Region to conduct an HPDE it requires a large financial outlay and extensive staffing of the event by the Region’s members.

911 Turbo

Appalachian Region’s strategy is to provide its members with HPDE events by identifying and attending a select number of already established HPDE events hosted by neighboring Regions.  Each year, Appalachian Region’s HPDE Chair, David Wells forms a committee to look at the year’s events and then targets three or four for the Region to attend. 

Regular HPDE events on the calendar include the Carolina’s Region March track day at Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP) and the November track days at Virginia International Raceway (VIR).  New tracks are then added in to the mix. In 2021 the group attended Barber Motorsports Park near Birmingham, Alabama while in 2022 the new track experienced by the Appalachian Region was Road Atlanta outside of Atlanta.

Separately some members also attend non-PCA HPDE events hosted by such organizations as CHIN or Hooked on Driving.  

For more information on the basics of HPDE events demystified, Appalachian Region partner Hagerty has an excellent article on the subject available at this link.  (link in resources section below will be set as hyperlink.)

To make sure your Porsche is protected both on- and off-track be sure your car is insured. Our Insurance Partner Hagerty, can assist you with this aspect of a track event.

GT4 at Road Atlanta

Insuring Your Porsche On- and Off- Track

In addition to the insurance that Hagerty offers as a sponsor of the Appalachian Region sponsor Hagerty has published a terrific article titled: “Open Track Days (HPDE) Demystified” that I suggest you take time to read.  Click on this link for the article. 

As you gear up for the day, make sure insurance coverage is part of your prep. Hagerty, a leader in the car collector marketplace, offers both on-track and off-track coverage so you can focus on your time behind the wheel.

On-Track Coverage

 For HPDE events, Hagerty makes it easy to get a quote and a policy -- right up to the start of your event. It takes about 5 minutes and includes towing, car rental and more. Consider annual coverage if you hit the track more than 6 times a year. Time trial coverage is also available.

Off-Track Coverage

For the 99% of the time your Porsche is off the track, Hagerty offers Limited Trailer and Paddock (LTP) coverage that protects your car in the trailer, paddock, in storage or at the shop. As a PCA member, you’ll get a 5% policy discount – learn more.

Find your next event

Check out MotorsportReg, North America’s most comprehensive listing of automotive and motorsports events – including those right in your backyard.  Join Hagerty Drivers Club for exclusive access and discounted rates to many of these events.

911S at CMP

Appalachian Region Track Team Remaining Events for 2022

Members of the Appalachian Region Track Team will be attending several more events in 2022 that are opportunities if you are interested in an HPDE experience.

  1. September 10 & 11 HPDE at Carolina’s Motorsports Park hosted by the Carolinas Region of PCA (Note that this event conflicts with Appalachian Adventure) Two or three members plan on attending.
  2. September 17 & 18 at Carolinas Motorsports Park hosted by Hooked On Driving, a private track company.Eight members plan on attending.
  3. October 8 & 9 at Roebling Road hosted by Florida Citrus Region of PCA.Three or four members plan on attending.
  4. November 19 & 20 at VIR hosted by Carolinas Region of PCA.We expect six or eight members to attend.

If you have interest in one of these events or the HPDE experience in general, you can contact the Appalachian Region HPDE Chair David Wells or President Jim Moore. Click on their names for a link to email either individual.


Open Track Days Demystified Article:

Contact HPDE Chair David Wells

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Jim Moore – Appalachian President