The Toothless Jaws of the white crossover invade my rear vision; advancing like a giant angry vacuum cleaner! Does she see that we’re in front of her? Does she know that sports cars are vehicles too?

Meanwhile, at our 12 o’clock two tractor trailers vie for position. The one in the right lane was going 67 mph while the one in our lane was struggling to pass at 68 mph! A slight grade comes and our guy falls back, losing ground and reluctantly accepting his posture from five minutes before! Aaaagh!! Great! At least now I get to separate myself from the X-over….

“The Car Is a Drug!”

Back in December the Vette salesman called. My pre-pandemic order for a new C8 was ready to be filled. I had driven the ‘07 Turbo the day before and was still absorbing the experience. The last Porsche I owned was a 928 S4 (manual) that I sold in ‘06 (and yes I loved it and wish I still had it!) The last 911 was an ‘83 I bought new and sold a couple of years later…

… So when I cancelled the C8 order the salesman started to convince me to go ahead anyway (I’d make money😳.) I declined, referring to the 997 Turbo (yes a manual) as an episode I couldn’t relinquish- playing it over and over

(Seriously - talk about a visceral feast- All of the senses ignite! I smell leather whenever I think of the car! It’s like taking a large leather Coach bag and pulling it over my head … and not caring if I become dizzy from a lack of oxygen! I’m thinking this 17 year old Porsche cumulatively exceeds any car I’ve every owned! The challenge to stick a perfect up and downshift is what life is all about …. To me anyway!)

The Vette salesman paused saying he understood adding; “That car is a drug!” He’d send the link for me for the requisition for my deposit return.

Meanwhile back on the I-81 ….

I spool up the turbos of the and watch the speedo climb quickly into triple digits. Somehow, she’s still tailgating us ….. ENOUGH!

Interstates: I don’t like them! It’s a balance of total boredom and endless gamesmanship to get some open space. How many times I think “I’m going 15-25 over and want to leave some room for error and now you’re going to pass on the right and cut in front of me?” Now, do I seal the gap or fall back, compromising my manhood?🤔 If I give in to this guy then ….

And don’t get me started about accidents and road construction on highways! Let’s see, here are two choices; an hour of bumper to bumper traffic where I can’t get off or turn around …. OR … a straight jacket for a day? Hmmm? Strap me in! “Here’s Johnny!” Oh, that’s “The Shinning” not …. “One flew …..”

Back to the story: Before I get “blu-lighted” and toss my license to a State Trooper I’m getting off! I’m taking the road less traveled.*

Between Morristown TN and Corbin KY on Hwy 25 (a road that seems to be the Mason-Dixon answer to Route 66) you pass through a myriad of diverse towns. I think you criss-cross Tennessee and Virginia (maybe WVA too) a couple of times before settling in KY for the rest of the drive to Lexington. You pass Abe Lincoln’s cabin (or a re-construction thereof) then through Middlesboro, KY (the home of Lee Majors) My favorite town is Pineville, KY. I make up stories about it in my head about it each time we pass through.

I promised my wife Brenda the next time we’d stop at the Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken Museum in Corbin KY!!!!

At Corbin it’s back onto the Interstate and an hour later you’re closing in on Lexington.

Yeah, I don’t like Interstates but sometimes there’s no choice.

There are great photo opportunities and this one spoke to me. I should have put our car in the “Clinch Mountain Pool Hall” picture but the ground was too muddy!


Robert A. Brewster