In accordance with the Bylaws of the Appalachian Region – PCA, the Nominating Committee (Peter Graham, Charlie Hickey, and Dave White) nominates the following for the Board of Directors of the Appalachian Region – PCA for terms beginning January 1, 2022.

  • President – Jim Moore,
  • Vice President – John Goetzman,
  • Secretary – Dave White, and
  • Treasurer – Jim Symington.

Each candidate has submitted a brief written report outlining their PCA background, qualifications and general information, and these appear below.

As specified in the Region Bylaws, the term in office for each member of the Board of Directors shall be for two years and shall end on December 31st, or until his or her successor for the following term is elected and takes office. The President and Vice President shall be limited to two consecutive terms (a total of four consecutive years) in the same office. The Secretary and Treasurer have no term limitation.

Any 10 active members of the Region may nominate in writing an active member of the Region for office with the written approval of that member. Such nomination must be submitted to the Nominating Committee by October 15th, as posted on the Club’s website. Such nominations made will be included on the ballot.

Election Schedule

  • September 15 – the Nominating Committee posts their nominations for Region officers on the Region Website.
  • September 15 through October 15 – Any ten active members of the Club may nominate in writing an active member of the Club for office with the written approval of that member. Such nominations must be submitted to a member of the Nominating Committee during this period. Nominations made in this manner will be included on the ballot.
  • November 1 – Region members will be notified by e-mail of the voting procedure, which will be done on the Region Website. Any member not receiving this notice should notify the Region President.
  • November 1 through December 1 – voting takes place.
  • December 7 – the elections results will be announced at the Region’s annual meeting and posted on the Region Website.

Jim Moore – Candidate for President

I have been a “Car Guy” for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory is one of hanging around at neighbor’s houses where an MGA was being restored, a Bugeye Sprite was being race-prepared and an XKE Coupe zoomed down the street. One day while on my paper route I came across a Porsche 356 in a driveway. It was unlike any sports car I had ever seen and piqued an early love in Porsches with the eventual goal to one day own one. These early influences exposed me to sports car racing and Formula 1 in particular. At eight years old, I would like to think I was one of the youngest subscribers to Competition Press, then the only source for real racing news from around the world.

At age 16 I bought a Triumph Spitfire and joined the SCCA where I took up rallying, autocross and ice racing. I took on the role of Editor of the Region’s newsletter, an early pre-cursor to a career in advertising.

After college, the continued lure of the automobile had me moving to Detroit for a career in automotive advertising. I created TV commercials for many automotive brands; most notably launching Jeep and Cadillac around the world.

When I was finally able to scratch the “Porsche-itch”, I bought a 1986 Porsche Carrera 3.2 that I still own today. In 1998 I then joined the Southeastern Michigan Region of PCA, making me to-date a 23-year member. I even ventured into Porsche racing for some time where I became a licensed racing driver, racing Porsche 911’s in the HSR series. Since then I have owned/raced/sold over 10 different Porsche models.

In 2016 Linda and our ten-year old Havanese, Cody and I decided to leave the cold of Michigan and move to Asheville. Since I owned a digital business, we could live where we wanted for the first time in our life so we built a dream home in the mountains.

My volunteer activity with the Appalachian Region ratcheted up in 2017 when I took on the Tour staging role for Treffen Asheville. After Treffen Asheville, then President Peter Graham recruited me to be Events Chair in 2018. In this role I planned a full calendar of Drive and Dine events and Tech Sessions. I conceived and created Luft Wasser, the Porsche Celebration in Brevard that now features over 300 PCA members coming together.

My goal since taking on events and subsequently since being elected Vice President of the Region in 2019 has been to create an atmosphere where every member feels welcome and feels like they belong.

If elected as your next President of Appalachian Region I plan to continue to encourage involvement and engagement of both new and existing members.

John Goetzman – Candidate for Vice President

I graduated from Georgia Tech and I was fortunate to be able to stay in Atlanta for 50 years working in the computer software industry.  I specialized in Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce and worked for a number of software companies ranging from a small startup where we IPO’d in 1996 to IBM where I retired in 2017.  Other interests include snow skiing, scuba diving, photography and tennis.
My interest in cars and racing was piqued by the movie “Grand Prix” in high school and I have been a gear head ever since.  I was a member of SCCA for 45 years where I started out crewing for MG and Bugeye Sprite drivers.  Then I raced a Formula F around the Southeast for 15 years with a degree of success, then continued to attend SCCA races working Start and instructing for PDX sessions (DE Equivalent).  

My first Porsche was a gift to myself when my daughter graduated from college.  As a fan of mid-engine cars from my Formula F days, I picked up a Seal Gray 2002 Boxster S in 2003 and joined Peachstate Region of PCA.  I participated in autocross, rally, DE’s, and concours with them.  In 2015, Toni and I special ordered what we thought was the last of the Flat 6’s in the Boxster platform with a 2016 Mahogany Boxster GTS which we still own.  One of the highlights of Porsche ownership was doing a Treffen in Germany in 2017 where we got to drive Stelvio Pass and hit 154 mph on the Autobahn.

After purchasing the Boxster in 2003, I started attending Blue Ridge Boxster Summits in Blowing Rock and Little Switzerland and liked coming to the mountains of North Carolina.  Toni and I moved to Waynesville in 2018 to get away from the traffic and heat in Atlanta.  I transferred my PCA membership to Appalachian Region at that time and I have been impressed with the welcoming atmosphere of the region.  In order to get more involved with the region, I have worked on Appalachian Adventure and became Tour Committee Chair in 2020.  

I would like to continue to give back to the region membership by becoming Vice President.  I will probably continue to help with Tours and find other ways to extend the warm welcome that I was given when I joined the Region.

Dave White – Candidate for Secretary

In 1992 my wife, Peggy, and I, having experienced five years of rain and snow in Upstate New York, decided to look for a place to live that had better weather. We had always heard good things about Asheville, and after a brief visit and a job interview (and offer), we decided to move here. Most of my professional career was spent in higher education administration. After stints at Syracuse University and Ithaca College, I spent 28 years at A-B Tech serving as the Executive Director of Research & Planning. I retired in March 2020.

Over the past 30 years, I have been active in the community volunteering at United Way, Habitat for Humanity, as well as serving on the board of Eblen Charities in a number of capacities, including Board Vice Chair and Chair. I also spent a number of years as a volunteer with Asheville Parks and Recreation helping to found a recreational hockey league and serving as the league’s first president.

Cars have been a big part of my life since I was a teenager. I restored an old Mercury when I was 16 (it had been in a flood) and later restored several 1955 Chevys. I purchased my first Porsche and joined the PCA in May 2019. Since that time, I have been active in numerous club events and have coordinated the region’s App Café (Porsches and Coffee) for the past year. I have greatly enjoyed meeting many of the region’s members and would be honored to serve as a member of the region’s board.

Jim Symington – Candidate for Treasurer

After working for a CPA firm in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan for 6 years, I “took the leap” and purchased an accounting firm in Flint, Michigan. Shortly thereafter, I established a branch office in Birmingham, Michigan. Both offices, which I had for 20 years, were sold to my employees in 2005. In 2006, I semi-retired and moved closer to my daughter and grandchildren who were living in Davidson, North Carolina.

In 2010, after deciding that retirement was not for me, I had the opportunity to purchase an accounting firm in Brevard, NC and another in Cashiers, NC in 2013. Both offices are doing well -- I just wish that I was 20 years younger!

Living in the small town of Brevard has been wonderful—It has allowed me the opportunity to give back a little to the community. During the past 11 years, I have been on numerous Board of Directors and have also served as Treasurer for The Haven of Transylvania County, and Free Rein. Both entities are non-profit corporations. Living in Brevard has also given me the chance to take my Boxster on enjoyable rides all around the mountain roads of Transylvania County,

Born and raised in the Detroit area, I have always been interested in cars, with some of my early vehicles being a 1957 Chevy Convertible, 1965 Mustang and a 1970 Camaro. I was always “cruising Woodward Ave” and have attended a dozen or more yearly “Dream Cruise” events. My daughter and I attended 10 consecutive Detroit Grand Prix races—we both love the sound and speed!

It has been a real pleasure being a member of PCA. I have attended many of the activities that have been planned—they are well organized and I am thankful for the people that volunteer their time and efforts to make these events happen.

I also appreciate the friendships that have come from these outings. I look forward to future outings, meeting new people and supporting the continued growth of the PCA Appapachian Region.