In accordance with the Bylaws of the Appalachian Region – PCA, the Nominating Committee (Tim Gallagher, Charlie Hickey and Jim Peterson) nominates the following for the Board of Directors of the Appalachian Region – PCA for terms beginning January 1, 2018.

  • President – Peter Graham,
  • Vice President – Don Therien,
  • Secretary – Don Grainger, and
  • Treasurer – Matthew Pohsweg.

For the information of the membership, each candidate has submitted a brief written report outlining their PCA background, qualifications and general information.

The term in office for each member of the Board of Directors shall be for two years and shall end on December 31st, or until his or her successor for the following term is elected and takes office. The President and Vice President shall be limited to consecutive two terms (four consecutive years, in total) in the same office. The Secretary and Treasurer shall have no term limitation.

Any ten (10) active members of the Club may nominate in writing an active member of the Club for office with the written approval of that member. Such nomination must be submitted to the Nominating Committee by October 15th, as posted on the Club’s website. Nominations made in this matter will be included on the ballot.

By November 1st, notice of voting, and provisions for electronic voting shall be established and posted by the Board of Directors on the Club’s website. The ballot facilitated by electronic voting shall contain all nominees and the office for which they stand. The deadline for voting shall be December 1st. Election results will be tabulated and certified and posted on the Club’s website within one (1) week of the close of voting.

Peter Graham – Candidate for President

Peter GrahamI started ‘playing with cars’ when I was 13 years old; I worked briefly as a mechanic when I was 21 in an independent shop specializing in Mercedes-Benz and Volvo; I worked on other imports that came in, including a few Porsches. After returning to school and earning a BS Electrical Engineering degree, I worked six years as a test and evaluation engineer at Johns Hopkins University – Applied Physics Laboratory and currently work as a software engineer for EPD Electronics, Inc., a position I have held since 1994.

In 1995, my wife Claudia and I bought our first Porsche: a freshly-painted 1968 912 coupe, out of Sharpsburg, Georgia that has been a work in progress ever since. In December of 2013, we acquired a second 1968 912: a numbers-matching, soft window Targa; currently ‘stalled’ in restoration.

Claudia and I joined the Peachstate Region PCA in 2006 as we were living in Canton, Georgia. After settling in our new Black Mountain home in 2008, we became Mountain Area – Carolinas Region members participating as time allowed. In 2014, I was elected as Mountain Area Director and served for the first two months of 2015 until Appalachian Region formation. I am currently serving my first term President of the Appalachian Region.

Don Therien – Candidate for Vice President

Don TherienMy wife, Lee, and I moved to Arden in June of 2004 from Southern California. I had just retired from a 34-year career with UPS and we wanted to be back on the East Coast, but not in our winter challenged home state of Massachusetts. We had visited Asheville in the early Nineties while living in Atlanta and returned to investigate its appeal as a retirement location in 2003. One visit got us hooked and we feel fortunate to be living in such a great place.

After owning roadsters from BMW and Mercedes, I finally saw the light and bought my first Porsche, a 2010 Cayman S, in December 2012. I joined PCA the next month. Two years later I took delivery of a Cayman GTS from Harmony Motors. Our son now has my first Cayman and we track together at Virginia International Raceway several times each year.

I will be celebrating my 5th anniversary with PCA in January. I am very happy to be an active PCA member and enjoying all things Porsche, especially PCA friends and activities. I was a member of the New Region Mountain Petition Group and I am currently serving as the Appalachian Region Vice President and Special Events Chair.

Don Grainger – Candidate for Secretary

Don GraingerOur life in WNC began when my wife Robin and I began vacationing here in the area at Lake Toxaway in 2007. I enjoyed visiting WNC as a boy, and my memories of the area brought me back. We continued spending summers in the Hendersonville area, eventually purchasing a vacation home in 2011. We continued splitting time between here and Florida until 2014, at which time we moved to Hendersonville full-time. After initially living in our vacation house, we purchased our current home in early 2016. We love the mountains!

In Florida, we lived in the Melbourne area on the central east coast, where I retired from Harris Corporation after 40+ years in 2008. Harris is a communications, electronic systems, and information management company; and a top-20 government contractor. I spent most of my career there, after graduating from UF with a BS in Engineering and from FIT with an MS in Systems Management.

I have always been a “car guy”, with some of my early vehicles including a T-Bird, a Chevelle SS396, and a Pontiac GTO. I always wanted a Porsche, and my first was a 1982 924. Others have included a 1986 944 Turbo, a 1997 Boxster (supercharged), a 2000 996 C2 and my current 2005 997S Cab.

I first joined PCA in 2004, and was a member of the Space Coast Region. I have attended three Parades, including 2010 in the Chicago area, where Space Coast Region was awarded Region of the Year. While spending summers in WNC, I was added to the email list and began attending Mountain Area events. I joined the Carolinas Region when we moved here full-time in 2014, and became a charter member of the Appalachian Region in 2015.

Matt Pohsweg – Candidate for Treasurer

Matt PohswegHaving retired from the corporate world after 35 years with New York Tel / Southern Bell / BellSouth, my wife Lynn and I decided to escape the Atlanta traffic. We spend a number of years traveling and visiting friends scoping out a location to start the next phase of our lives. We moved in 2006 to the foothills and thermal belt of WNC in Polk County, and it didn’t take long to immerse ourselves into community activities.

Cars and mechanical interests have always been a part of my life. My first Porsche was a 1964 356 Cab, and went the auto spectrum from Corvettes to GTO’s to family cars. Refocusing, a 1991 964 C2 came into the garage, replaced by a 1996 993 C4 which I still have. My daily driver is a 2009
Cayenne S.

My PCA membership goes back to the early 1990s, originally as a member of the Peachstate Region. After moving in 2006, transferred to the Carolinas Region, and residing in the Mountain Area I had the opportunity to join the Planning Teams for Porschefest, and In Den Bergen. Then served as Secretary and Vice President for the Carolinas Region. I was a member of the New Region Charter Petition Group, and am presently serving as Appalachian Region Treasurer. I feel fortunate to have met so many PCA members over the years, the establishment of new friendships, and look forward in supporting the growth of the Appalachian Region.