Appalachian Region (APR) sponsor, IR Auto is a leader in paint protection and correction in Western North Carolina (WNC). IR Auto owner, Nick McDevitt, wanted to share with APR their latest unique paint protection project on the first CyberTruck to come to Western North Carolina.

Here is the project as described by Nick: 

“Obviously, we are all Porsche enthusiasts, but I do believe we can all find appreciation in new and unique vehicles as car guys at our core. I must preface this by saying, not all car guys are “Tesla” guys and, Wow! This is one controversial vehicle… The CyberTruck!

The crew here at IR Auto Solutions had the pleasure of servicing the first one to arrive in WNC. We performed full body Paint Protection Film (PPF) in STEK Camo Grey, making this CyberTruck truly one of a kind as this was the only CyberTruck in America to have this specific patterned PPF film at the time and may still be.

We didn’t stop there, after installing the PPF we applied Ceramic Coating to not only all exterior surfaces; (Film, Glass, Wheels & Trim) but also the full interior of this vehicle received a Ceramic Coating as well. 

Window Tint on this specific vehicle as you imagine created a unique challenge of its own due to the massive size of this windshield! Nothing we couldn’t handle. Installing a 70% virtually clear Ceramic Window Film to the windshield provides all the benefits of Ceramic Tint such as heat rejection, UV protection & anti-glare without any visibility restrictions for driving.

We documented the whole process and created a YouTube video so you can see first-hand how we do things at IR Auto Solutions. Hopefully you all enjoy this video as much as we did and as always, don’t forget to like and subscribe.

IR Auto Solutions in Arden, North Carolina

IR Auto has provided PPF, Ceramic Coating, Detailing and Paint Correction on many members new and currently owned Porsches.  If you want to learn more about their services, contact Nick and his team at:

(828) 844-4072