When Toni Goetzman heard the comment about a bus tour as we entered the veranda, it was clear the other brunch patron at the 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa had not looked out the window to see the Porsches lining the parking lot.

What a sight it was to see 37 Porsches running the roads of Western North Carolina from their start in Fletcher to a comfort stop in Old Fort with a finish in Lake Lure. 

Don Lowcavage’s Second Annual Tour de Lake Lure was another great success. 22 new members had the chance to be introduced to the popular Drive and Dine tours driving with experienced Lead and Sweep drivers.  

It was a cool start to the morning in Fletcher where the day started with a longer than normal social so everyone could get to know each other. There was a nice mix of new and existing members and Don had done a great job splitting everyone into a three drive groups for a fun, safe down the roads.

After the Safety Briefing, Group One left right on time with Don and Susan leading the pack with Scott Pleune acting as Rocker with Dan and Gale Dazzo in the Sweep position.  Everyone made the light as the first hurdle was crossed with the group leaving the Ingles parking lot.  It was a good omen for a safe, well managed drive.

Group Two had Tour Chair Doug Menchhofer in the lead with Isabel as his navigator.  Club Secretary Dave White was in the Rocker position with President Jim Moore as the Sweep.

Vice President Yohan Sookdeo led Group Three with Doug and Liz Scheer as his Rocker and Bill and Norma Price as the Sweep Car.  Even something as simple as driving the roads requires a committed volunteer base.  Prior to drive day, this team has been down the route once, twice, or three times to understand the route, time it and polish it so it all seems seamless for everyone on drive day.

The drive started with a warm-up of straight roads passing through the pastures of Fairview, before we started the twists and turns of Old Fort Road.  All the drivers were now warmed up and ready to attack Bat Cave Road into Old Fort that features a climb and switchbacks up Mount Hebron before the quick twists and turns drop down the other side of the mountain.  Bat Cave Road provides the thrills of a Porsche roller coaster even though we are never exceeding the speed limit.  A Porsche’s handling takes these roads like its on rails while hanging the navigator out looking over the edge.  What fun for all.

At the McDonald’s comfort stop in Old Fort, the chatter all centered around what fun those roads were and how they were ideal for experiencing Porsche performance.

After a short break, the three groups were off again spaced by their 10–15-minute gaps.  Halfway to Lake Lure on Cedar Creek Road, Rocker Dave White was soon reporting to Sweep Moore that Group Two had caught up with Group One.  Group Two was driving at a fun pace and it all made sense now that we were traveling at a faster pace to have caught Group One.

Leaders Menchhofer and Lowcavage managed the now extended line as the first two groups pulled into the 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa together. Group three wasn’t far behind, but it gave groups one and two a jump on the food as the Chefs were busy cooking omelets to order and carving Prime Rib and Turkey.  A full array of complimentary sides made for a lunch fit for a hungry group of Porsche drivers.

The desserts featured favorites of Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Peach Cobbler and a lemon cake. The welcome was short so everyone could eat and get to know each other.  Conversation ranged from “What Porsche do you have?” to “was that ever fun” to “When is the next drive?” 

The Luft Wasser Porsche Celebration in Brevard is the next one up on the Appalachian Region agenda with six guided tours all culminating in a meet-up on Broad Street in Brevard.

See you there!

Jim Moore – Appalachian Region President