Appalachian Region sponsor Hagerty Insurance provides agreed value insurance coverage through their Guaranteed Value® policy for your Porsche.  This is an important feature for you to consider when making your insurance decisions for your collector cars.

Porsche values in recent years have in many cases equaled or exceeded what you paid for your car several years ago.  If something should happen to your Porsche your daily driver insurance company may not recognize the increased, high value that your Porsche is commanding in today’s market.  

Your Porsche will often be treated like a normal car that depreciates year after year.  This will require you to document and substantiate the value of your Porsche in today’s market and why you should be reimbursed for the higher repair bills or a higher value if your Porsche is a total loss.

This is not the case if you have a Hagerty Guaranteed Value® policy for your Porsche. 

When you purchase your insurance from Hagerty you agree to the value of your car and that is the amount that your Porsche is insured for with the Hagerty Guaranteed Value® policy.  No debates, no discussion on what the value is on your Porsche today, the agreed value is paid out.  (It is important to note that your Porsche cannot be used as your daily driver and must be considered a secondary, fun, collector car in your garage.)

How does Hagerty Guaranteed Value® Protection Work

Hagerty is recognized in the collector car and exotic car worlds as experts in monitoring and tracking valuations of collector cars.  

This expertise will be used to work with you to determine the valuation of your Porsche. This valuation will result in a Hagerty Guaranteed Value® policy that will protect your automotive pride and joy for this agreed upon value of your Porsche if there is a total loss.

Porsche repairs done right can be expensive so if your Porsche is several years old it does not take much of a collision for a total loss to occur.  

If that unfortunate accident should occur, you will find that Hagerty provides Expert Claims Handling.  You’ll always talk to a car collector specialist who works hard so your Porsche is fixed the right way, including providing OEM parts as long as they’re available. Plus, you can choose your repair shop, or get paid to do the work yourself. 

Hagerty is very experienced working with K&M Collision, the Porsche certified body shop and Appalachian Region sponsor who we suggest you use for body repairs of your Porsche.  The Hagerty specialists have a relationship with K&M that will help to smooth out the process of getting repairs done right on your cherished Porsche.

Hagerty also offers a special policy enhancement called Cherished Salvage®.  If a covered total loss happens, this optional coverage lets you keep your Porsche and still get its Guaranteed Value.  The author just added this feature to the policies on his ’68 and ’86 Porsches insured with Hagerty as these are Porsches of significant emotional attachment that I want to retain no matter what happens to them.

Hagerty believes your Porsche is meant to be driven so you’ll get plenty of drive time for pleasure-related usage. Just note that your Porsche can’t be used as your daily driver.

As a PCA member you will save 5% on a policy that offers:

1.  Guaranteed Value®

2.  Flexible Car Usage

3.  Expert Claims Handling

To learn more about Hagerty and to receive a quote for a policy, click on thislink to go to their web page at this link