The July 8th drive to Hemlock Farm in Spruce Pine was a high demand event that gave drivers a nice trot through the pastures of Prices Creek and the South Toe River valley.

Arrival at Hemlock Farm presented drivers and co-drivers with an expansive view of the Hemlock Farm stables that house cars and horses. Hemlock Farm owner Bobby Brewster was at the entrance gate with a wave and a welcome as drivers entered the farm. 

The cars wound their way past the car stable up to the riding ring and main house where Dave White and Joe Esposito had a parking plan devised to efficiently park the 12 Porsches in each tour group.

The trot to the farm was a shorter drive than normal because the focus was the farm and Bobby’s car collection with a backdrop of horses grazing the rolling pastures of Hemlock Farm.  It was a beautiful setting whether you were there to enjoy the fabulous cars or just take in the breathtaking scenery of the farm with multiple retired racing thoroughbreds dotting the hillside pastures.

A short walk down to the car stable presented guests with a view of Porsches at the forefront of the stable with hidden treasures of a ’36 Ford in Bobby’s office and another area housing a big block Pontiac, an Avanti and a beautifully restored Jaguar XKE.

We missed Brenda at the farm as she was enjoying the beach with all the hot weather of the week, but Bobby was the ideal host as he told the stories of his car collection that has been evolving from Corvettes and America muscle to Porsches. 

Bobby came into the Porsche brand when he first discovered and experienced a 2008 911 Turbo. The power, the smoothness and handling immediately hooked him on Porsches. Since that first Turbo, another has been added, along with a 911 cab, a 356 and his latest acquisition and “favorite”, if there can be one among your children, of a GT4 RS.

Many GT4 RS are becoming garage queens as they are seen as a future collectible, but Bobby has a goal of driving it 5,000 miles a year, and experiencing the track with it a time or two.  As Bobby stated: “I’m not worrying about the miles or stone chips because this is a forever car in the collection that will only impact what the kids do with it when they inherit the car.”

A walk from the car stable past the galloping and grazing horses in the pasture led us to the pool area where everyone enjoyed barbeque from local favorite Pig & Grits.  The chicken, brisket and pork sliders with sides of potato salad and baked beans, finished off with brownies and cherry pie made for a fitting lunch after our trot to the farm and a tour of fabulous cars as Bobby provided his fascinating story of his car collection.

Tour Group 1 departed at 12:30 p.m. just as Tour Group 1A arrived providing for perfect timing as Dave and Joe once again ushered the cars onto the property for our own display of Porsches with the stables as a backdrop.

The second tour group enjoyed the same hospitality from Bobby and his curator Bennett as they enjoyed the cars, horses and barbecue.  After lunch around the pool, many wandered the grounds viewing the various hidden gems of cars parked here and there, with Bobby’s Woody that he has had since high school, and several of the trucks that also make up his collection.

After the last of our 26 Porsches left Hemlock Farm, Bobby realized that we had completely run out of time to show the stables and riding ring.  It was agreed that this only provided a reason for the Appalachian Region to return another time.

The last Bobby was seen he had hopped in Charlie Hickey’s ’72 green Targa as they zipped down US-19 for Bobby to experience the thrill of an early 911 that is such a different experience from the Porsche performance cars in his collection.

 Thank you, Bobby and Brenda, for hosting the Appalachian Region. Our visit to Hemlock Farm was a highlight of our driving tour year.  You have a lovely farm and you are terrific hosts.

Thank you also to our volunteers that included Michael Stupp who led a tour for the first time under the guidance of Tour Chair Don Lowcavage.  Michael had experienced Sweep Bill Price at the tail of his tour group.  The other tour group had Jim Moore leading with Doug Scheer and his grandson Cole providing Sweep duties.  As already mentioned, Dave White and Joe Esposito coordinated parking at the farm and set-up of the luncheon working with Bennett and Bobby.

Next Drive & Dine

The next Drive & Dine is scheduled for August 5 with registration open per our normal schedule of registration on July 15 at 12:00 p.m.  

The theme of the drive is “Georgia on my mind” as this drive explores the western roads of the region, particularly driving favorites, the Moonshiner 28 and Warwoman Road that will take the tour to Clayton, Georgia for lunch.

The Appalachian Region is growing rapidly, particularly in the west with Brevard, Cashiers, Franklin and Highlands Porsche owners joining every month. Hopefully we see a few of these new western members on this drive in their backyard.  

Details are available at:

Sign up on July 15 at 12:00 p.m.

Jim Moore – Appalachian Region President