The Luft Wasser Porsche Celebration in Brevard on April 29, 2023 brought a new look with a new location and a new experience to celebrate five years of Luft Wasser.

Luft Wasser started with 80 Porsches in 2018 on a Brevard side street to now being more than 200 Porsches taking over downtown Brevard.  Organizers estimated that close to 1,000 visitors wandered the show with over 300 Porsches in Brevard if you count all the visitors' cars parked throughout town,

The new display area on South Broad Street presented more than a mile of Porsches lined up nose to tail as three rows of Porsches lined the four-tenths of a mile Broad Street takeover.  

To commemorate the Fifth anniversary of Luft Wasser, Tour Chair, Don Lowcavage coordinated 10 tours originating throughout North and South Carolina to converge on Broad Street between nine and ten in the morning.  In between tour arrivals, 50 Porsches came in a police-let parade into town.  

A new staging team led by Charlie Hickey and Dave White marshalled the cars into town with their team of 12 volunteers to seamlessly stage the cars in an orderly and timely fashion so everyone got a primo spot showing their Porsche in the best light.

Organizer Jim Moore, added an element of difficulty to the day’s job by creating special display areas to add a new element to the show.  These areas included:

  • 356 Retrospective: Displaying an A model, a B model and two C models, one cab and one coupe.  Visitors were able to see the evolution of the model that started the Porsche mystique.
  • GT Car Performance:  a display of Porsche performance cars, GT3’s, GT4 and a 911R that uses the widebody chassis from the GT3RS and its 500 hp 4.0 liter flat-6 engine, it is only paired with a 6-speed manual transmission.  The 911R is only one of 991 units produced by Porsche.
  • Colors of Porsche:  As if Porsches are not unique enough, the special colors can make them even more unique, such as the new Shark Blue color this year, or the Emerald Green from 1972 or Radium Green from 1968.  This display featured these colors and more including some Porsche stalwarts of silver, white, black and Guards Red.

Thanks to the 54 volunteers from within Appalachian Region the event execution was flawless.   A note from an attendee captured the mood and success of the day:

“I’ve attended all five “Luft Wasser Porsche Celebrations” thus far and they continue to improve with each successive event.

The coordination to park (over 200) vehicles in a timely fashion with no traffic issues cannot go unnoticed.  This year’s event included “Rennbow” (colors), “Vintage” (356) and “GT” car displays.  To see the many iterations of the Porsche marque was a sight to behold.

It was a win/win/win situation – for the City of Brevard through the charitable donations raised by the event and for the goodwill built for the Porsche marque and PCA.”

The writer hit on the most important element of the event; over $10,000 was raised to help support The Cindy Platt Boys & Girls Club of Transylvania County. 

Last minute donations that were given at the show are still be counted, but donations this year are trending 50% higher from last year, (excluding the matching fund that was in place at last year’s event.)

A big discussion point of the day was the weather.  Every day leading up to the show was rain with heavy rain forecast for Friday and Sunday.  Saturday was forecast as partly sunny and 74° and it delivered.  It was the perfect weather to be enjoying Porsches in Brevard.

Walk a Mile of Porsches on Video or through the Photo Gallery

If you missed the show or just want to check it out again, view Jerry Mattox's video on YouTube:

To view a photo gallery of Dick Maybach's photos from the day, go to the bottom of the article and scroll.

Thank You to our Supporters

Thank you to the City of Brevard, Heart of Brevard and Transylvania County Tourism for turning over the city to the Porsche Club of America.

I hope you all stopped to talk to Appalachian Region sponsors and will support them for all your future needs.

  • Porsche Asheville
  • K&M Collision – the Porsche Certified Body Shop
  • Hagerty Insurance for your collector car needs
  • IR Auto providing paint protection for your Porsche

Thank you to all the Volunteers

And of course, we couldn’t have enjoyed the day and the show without our 54 volunteers.  Thank you to our 54 Volunteers that made Luft Wasser a success.


  1. Jim Moore - President and Co-Chair
  2. Curtis Greenwood - Co-Chair
  3. Don Lowcavage Tour Chair
  4. David Angelus - Parade Coordination 
  5. Street Display Staging - Dave White and Charlie Hickey
  6. Treasurer – Jim Symington

Tour Leads and Sweeps

  1. Don Therien - AVL 151 Lead
  2. Bob Disney - AVL 151 group 2 Lead
  3. Bob Poe - AVL 151 group 1 Sweep
  4. John Long - AVL 151 group 2 Sweep
  5. Lee Therien - AVL 151 registrar 
  6. Jim Davis - AVL BRP Lead
  7. Phil Leftwich - AVL BRP group 2 Lead
  8. Doug Scheer - AVL BRP group 1 Sweep
  9. Gordon Taylor - AVL BRP group 2 Sweep
  10. Nicole Davis - AVL BRP registrar
  11. Dan Dazzo - Hendersonville Modern Lead
  12. Charlie Giudici - Hendersonville Modern Sweep
  13. Don and Haf Zink - Hendersonville Classic Lead
  14. Larry Morton - Hendersonville Classic Sweep
  15. Bill Price - Waynesville Lead
  16. Bob Herrmann - Waynesville Sweep
  17. Don Lowcavage - South Lead
  18. Scott Pluene - South Sweep
  19. Mike Becker - East Lead
  20. Mike Wolfe - East Sweep
  21. Richard Little - East Registrar
  22. Peter Graham - Black Mountain Lead
  23. Mike Warnock - Black Mountain Sweep

Parade Staging and Registration

  1. David Angelus - Lead
  2. Dianne Bienick
  3. David Butler
  4. Amy Feightner
  5. Mark Feightner
  6. David Stori
  7. Mary Stori

Display Street Staging

  1. Charlie Hickey - Co-Chair
  2. Dave White - Co-Chair
  3. George Cain
  4. Jay Carlisle
  5. Carole Carter
  6. Gene Carter
  7. Kevin Duffy
  8. John Goetzman
  9. Jake Kooser
  10. Dan Leitner
  11. Dick Maybach
  12. Nort Northam
  13. Chris Onulak
  14. Rick Steele

Special Displays

  1. Jim Moore - Organizer
  2. John Budinich - Coordination
  3. Jake Kooser - Registrar
  4. Dan Leitner - Colors Staging
  5. Scott Rowbotham - GT Cars
  6. Rusty Russ - 356 Cars
  7. Yohan Sookdeo - Color Cars & Florida Performance

Web Site and Registration

  1. Dick Maybach


  1. Cindy Cain - Lead
  2. Gale Dazzo
  3. Laurel Fordyce
  4. Jim Symington

Note:  I tried to capture everyone and their role.  If I missed someone, please advise me.

See you next year in Brevard!

In the meantime enjoy a gallery of photos.

Place the cursor on or below an image to pause the slideshow.

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