About 20 Appalachian members met at the Enka Library where our Tech Chair Dan Dazzo led a lively discussion of some electronic tools available to help us maintain our cars.

The meeting began with the obligatory coffee and donuts. Then Dan discussed scanners, analyzers, diagnostic tools, tuners, and battery conditioners and trickle chargers, including what is available, its cost, its advantages and limitations, and any effects on the car's warranty. These tools are essential for even simple maintenance of a modern Porsche (one with an OBD port), and quite handy even if you don't do your own maintenance. The equipment is inexpensive, which means that many members have it or are considering buying it, and this made for a lively, extended discussion.

Several members have such equipment, which they brought to the meeting, for Dan to include in his talk.

After his presentation, we adjourned to the parking lot for a scanner demonstration.

After the meeting several of us walked next door for lunch at Griff's.