Rhett Blanchard, General Manager of Flow Automotive/Porsche Asheville announced to the Appalachian Region Board that Porsche Asheville has tripled their Porsche Service capabilities.

Porsche Asheville now has six Porsche technicians (up from the two) and six lifts dedicated to Porsche servicing (also up from two service bays).  The entire Porsche service area has been updated to meet the new Porsche standards coming with the completion of the new dealership facility.  This includes high-illumination lighting and tile flooring for improved visibility by the technicians for a higher quality service experience.


Four of the new six Porsche service bays


Rhett has committed to having Porsche Asheville turn around the perception of Porsche Asheville service so that there is no reason to consider another Porsche service provider.

A new Hunter alignment system has also been installed for state-of-the-art alignments on your Porsche. The next time you are buying new tires, look to Porsche Asheville.  With the new alignment machine and their competitive pricing for tires, you really shouldn’t turn to any other source.

The New Hunter Alignment System

Several members who priced tires recently found Porsche Asheville to be the lowest cost provider when compared to Tire Rack, Jan Davis Tire and Discount Tire.  Yes, this is surprising, but true. Combine your new tire purchase with an alignment and your Porsche handling should improve dramatically.

Webmaster and long-time Porsche owner, Dick Maybach recently had his Cayman aligned on the new system and couldn’t believe how the road feel and handling has improved.  Dick reports that the drive and handling is unlike any experience that he has had with the car since purchasing it.

The upgrade in Porsche Asheville service capabilities is just one piece of the new Porsche Asheville.  In the next two months a new standalone dealership facility will be opening next door to the current building.  The goal is to provide a Porsche experience when considering, speccing and taking delivery of your next Porsche.

Once the new dealership is open, Rhett has promised a special tour for the Porsche Club.  In the meantime, Porsche Asheville is still selling new and pre-owned Porsches, so reach out to Luis Alvarado for sales or Zac Elkins for your service needs.

And remember, as an Appalachian Region PCA member you receive a 10% discount on service and parts and if you track your Porsche you receive free track inspections.  

Porsche Asheville has been the Platinum Sponsor the Appalachian Region since our inception in 2015. Support Porsche Asheville and you support your club, the Appalachian Region.




Jim Moore – Appalachian Region President