The January 7, 2023 Tech session introduced Appalachian Region members to the underside of the 718 platform with Dan Dazzo’s Racer Yellow GT4 up on a lift.  Over 30 members came out for this first-of-the-year gathering for Appalachian Region.

The group gathered at HPTautosport owned by member Scott Rowbotham where we had access to his lift.  Dan started the session with safety tips on putting a car on a lift along with pointing out the proper jack points of a car if you lack the luxury of a lift and you’re using a floor jack and jack stands.

Dan performed an oil change live and conducted a brake flush.  The likelihood of members actually conducting this maintenance is probably low but Dan’s discussion of oil and brake fluids to use, safety tips and general maintenance tips made it an extremely informative session for all who attended.

The next tech session is on Saturday, February 4, 2023 at the Enka-Candler Public Library meeting room.  The session will be discussing the driving modes available on your Porsche and how to use them.  We all see the buttons on the console saying Sport, Sport Plus, PASM, PSM, etc., but when do you push them and how do you use them?

Dan will discuss driving tips and then move into an Introduction getting involved in High Performance Driver’s Education (HPDE).  The HPDE season will start for Appalachian Region in March so if you are thinking of taking your Porsche on the track this year, attend this session to understand what is involved.

Registration for this tech session is now open since we are not space limited:

Thank you to Dan Dazzo for the Tech Session and Scott Rowbotham and HPTautosport for use of their facility.

The slide show below is courtesy of Jim Gauntt.

Jim Moore – Appalachian Region President






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