The Appalachian Region mission is “Having fun with Porsches!” which we accomplish through driving, socializing and making a difference in our community with support of local charities.

We had a banner year in 2023 with over 90 events and raising more than $32,000 for charity partners: MANNA FoodBank, The Cindy Platt Boys & Girls Club of Transylvania County and the Western Carolina Rescue Ministries.  

MANNA FoodBank and Western Carolina Rescue Ministries are important and notable charities in Western North Carolina that serve much of the same geographic area that the Appalachian Region serves.  The Boys & Girls Club of Transylvania County is the leading charity for the City of Brevard who graciously open their city to the club each year for the Luft Wasser Porsche Celebration.

These charities sound like naturals for the Club to support but they actually go through a thorough vetting process by the Public Service Committee.  Scott Pluene is the Chair of Public Service with support from David Angelus, David Butler, Paula Caycedo, Yohan Sookdeo and the non-voting Board member John Goetzman.

To be considered, a charity must first be nominated by a PCA member who is active in the charity.  The Public Service Committee then reviews the charity based on various factors to determine the applicability for Appalachian Region support.  A recommendation is then made to the Appalachian Region Board of Directors for final consideration and approval.

It was agreed that for 2023 Appalachian Region would support the Boys & Girls Club with Luft Wasser and MANNA FoodBank through Oktoberfest.  Porsche Asheville sponsors the annual Christmas party so they choose the charity of support which this year was Western Carolina Rescue Ministries.

Funds were raised for these charities though registration fees, additional donations and in some cases, auctions. Appalachian Region also makes a contribution.  The specific funds raised were:

  1. Boys & Girls Club:         $11,115.65
  2. MANNA FoodBank:       $15,000.00
  3. Western Carolina Rescue Ministries:   $6,634.50

                                              Total:            $32,750.15

Translating dollars to meals in the case of MANNA and Rescue Ministries, means that Appalachian Region funds will provide over 79,800 meals to residents of Western North Carolina.

We are happy that our Region Sponsors also support our charities with donations from Porsche Asheville, Hagerty Insurance and K&M Collision.  I am happy to say that K&M Collision hearing about our fundraising efforts for the Rescue Ministries agreed to make a $500 contribution on behalf of Appalachian Region that raised our contribution up to $6,634.50. 

Plans for Future Public Service Support

Based on member feedback and the desire of the Board of Directors, the Public Service Committee agreed to support the Board Plans for 2024 – to continue with the main charitable events, Luft Wasser and Oktoberfest.  For these two events, the Public Service Committee agrees with supporting the two current charities, (The Cindy Platt Boys & Girls Club of Transylvania County and MANNA FoodBank.)

This has worked well for this past year, and based on our recent member survey, we feel this should be continued for 2024.  

If Club members feel there are other worthy charities that should be considered going forward, these can be provided to the Public Service Committee – for consideration for 2025, and beyond.   We are certainly open to considering rotating other charities for these two events.

We will continue to use a portion of the entry fees for these events to support the designated charities.  We will also provide information to the membership on how they can make direct additional donations to these charities.  

We are also looking for another new member for the public service committee.  Please let us know it you are interested. 

Charity Criteria:

  • Charities must be a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. 
  • The Charities’ mission and purpose, and benefits provided are to our local communities in our Appalachian Region (APR).

Further information and Nomination Forms are available on our Web-site (Public Service header), and can then be submitted to the Committee at:

Note:  The Holiday Party is sponsored by Porsche Asheville and per our agreement with them, they choose the charity partner.

Additional Charity Support in 2023

In 2023 we had several one-off charity efforts that were not formally part of our Public Service effort, but are worth noting for membership.

Volunteer Hours at MANNA FoodBank:  Once a month, David Butler organizes ten members to work at MANNA packing and sorting food boxes.  This occurs the first Tuesday of the Month.  If you are interested, David will put you on the list announcing the date each month.

Turkey Trot Food Drive: New Tour Chair Doug Menchhofer conducted a food drive in conjunction with our Turkey Trot Thanksgiving drive that contributed 50 lbs. of food to MANNA and 

Charity Auction for Hinds Feet Farm:  Appalachian Region conducted a charity auction of a European Porsche vacation that a member had to cancel at the last minute that raised $22,000 for Hinds Feet Farm that assists those with severe brain injuries.

British Car Club Show:  Appalachian Region promotes participation by our members in the British Car Club Autumn in the Mountains European car show.  Registration funds help to support Meals on Wheels in Henderson County.

Thank you for helping to make a difference in WNC

Thank you to members, sponsors and supporters of Appalachian Region for making us the best PCA Region in the Country through our mission of “Having fun with Porsches!” through driving, socializing and making a difference in our community with support of local charities.

Jim Moore – Appalachian Region President