Porsche Asheville and Flow Automotive hosted over 100 Appalachian Region PCA members on Tuesday, December 5, 2023 at The Laurel Room at High Vista in Mills River.  It was the first time the Region had been to High Vista and everyone agreed the location, decorations and food made for a fun, festive evening of celebrating the holidays together.

The Porsche Asheville/Appalachian Region Christmas Party always supports a local charity and this year was no different as Porsche Asheville introduced the Western Carolina Rescue Ministries (WCRM) to Appalachian Region. CEO/President Michael Woods and Development Director Amanda Putnam were present for the evening to help educate members about all the good brought to the community to help the homeless in Western North Carolina.

CEO Michael Woods Anita Barber, Luis Alvarado, Michael Woods,
Jim Moore, Yohan Sookdeo
Amanda Putnam

Michael gave an impassioned talk about how WCRM provides meals, shelter, and care for those who want to help themselves.  Appalachian Region attendees stepped up to donate over $5,000 to WRCM.  This financial donation will help serve over 1,600 meals to those who are being helped by WCRM.  Additional financial help would be appreciated and can be provided by clicking on this link:  https://www.westerncarolinarescue.org/giving

In addition to financial support, WCRM can use you for hands-on volunteer support.  Contact Michael or Amanda at Western Carolina Regional Ministries if you are interested in providing your time.

Luis Alvarado, Porsche Asheville, Jim Moore, Appalachian Region President, Anita Barber, Flow Auto

Anita Barber, Senior Account Manager at Flow Auto in Winston-Salem worked with Luis Alvarado, General Sales Manager of Porsche Asheville to coordinate the evening for the club.  It started with identifying High Vista as the venue and continued to the wonderful menu of appetizers, salad, chicken, Brussel sprouts and potatoes.  The menu concluded with apple pie and whipped cream.  It is hard to serve over 100 guests quickly with quality food, but High Vista really delivered with an exceptional meal for all.

The High Vista venue provided a driving experience for all that were new to the development as Porsche GPS systems brought everyone through the gate to wind and climb the roads of High Vista to the top of the mountain to meet at The Laurel Room.  In typical Appalachian Region fashion, guests started to arrive 30 minutes early for the prime parking spaces and first dibs on the tables and appetizers.

It is always interesting to note how the groups seat themselves.  We all have our Porsche Club friends that we look forward to as we join together, especially at the holiday time.  As new members come into the fold, it was good to see them joining the regulars as they were welcomed to the club.

Porsche Asheville and Flow produced a video of the night that captures the spirit and fun of the night.  You can view it here.

There are still three events left in the year that has produced a high mark in the number of events. For details look at the web site calendar and consider attending an Appalachian Region event to close out the year.

  • Saturday, December 9 – Intro to SIM Racing at The Track at Asheville
  • Tuesday, December 12 – Black Mountain Perks Coffee Gathering
  • Wednesday, December 20 – Social Mixer at Mills River Brewing

Thank you again to Porsche Asheville and Flow Automotive for the wonderful night. 


Photos by Dick Maybach, article written by Jim Moore

Porsche Asheville had a photographer at the event, and they were kind enough to share the photos in the slideshow below.

Place the cursor on an image to pause the show.

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  • GV5A9449-Enhanced-NR.jpg
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  • GV5A9528-Enhanced-NR.jpg
  • GV5A9570-Enhanced-NR.jpg
  • GV5A9593.jpg
  • GV5A9644-Enhanced-NR.jpg
  • GV5A9741-Enhanced-NR.jpg
  • GV5A9783-Enhanced-NR.jpg
  • GV5A9859-Enhanced-NR.jpg
  • GV5A9864-Enhanced-NR.jpg
  • GV5A9953-Enhanced-NR.jpg
  • GV5A9989-Enhanced-NR.jpg


Jim Moore – Appalachian Region President