The Turkey Trot was a “spur of the moment” drive planned just a week ago, but drivers enthusiastically cheered at lunch for making this an annual event. President Jim planned it last minute because his kids weren’t in town, so the thought was, “what could be done with one of my Porsches to enjoy the holiday.”

Turkey Trot runs are popular, so why not make a Turkey Trot drive!


John and Christy, the owners of the Cedar Mountain Outpost run a monthly Cars & Coffee and had been encouraging me to bring Porsches to the event.  Brevard and west has a large contingent of Appalachian Region members so this seemed like a good event to go west and drive “Racer”.  

The plan was set and the event announced.

The weather looked sketchy all week with terrible rain forecast up until 36 hours before the drive.  The rain moved to the afternoon and then the evening for drive day.  It had been announced that we were driving rain or shine but who could have guessed what a beautiful day it would turn out to be.

The event started with a Cars & Coffee event where we saw over 30 members and their cars attend for an hour of chatting and caffinating.  The drive alone, from Asheville to The Outpost was worth it as a group of us scooted through DuPont Forest with Gene and Carole Carter in the lead after serendipitously meeting on the road.

The route was going to take us down US-276 to Pumpkintown, SC where we would cut across to US-178 up to Rocky Bottom to East Fork and on to lunch back at the Cedar Mountain Outpost.

A “spur of the moment” drive brought a changing route as Drive Leader Jim decided the comfort stop would be better at the summit of Sassafras Mountain so Jim and Drive Group leader Gene Carter huddled to make sure he knew how to get there. It was decided Jim would wait at the turn to pick up Gene’s group to take them to the summit.

Driving 276 down past Caesar’s Head can be thrilling so the groups were split into those wanting to trot the route and those wanting to walk the route.  The two Don’s, Therien and Lowcavage took the lead down 276 while the original drive leader Jim drove sweep for group one.  

A chaotic start that included Turkey feathers flying off Racer since the turkey fan wasn’t brought into the car before departing.

Drive Group two had Gene and Carole Carter leading it with Bob and Lorraine Poe driving Sweep.  We all caught up to the trotting group at the Holly Springs Country Store where we re-grouped for a run up Sassafras Mountain.  Racer led this group setting a pace as the modern Porsches worked to stay up with a ’68 911 pushing 200 hp with only 2,000 lbs.

When we reached the new turn in the route, Don Therien took over the lead for the 1.5-mile push to the summit while Racer stayed at the turn to pick up Gene and Drive Group Two.

We all gathered at the summit of the highest mountain in South Carolina where we enjoyed the 30-mile plus views over South and North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.  

The final leg took us back to the Outpost where we enjoyed some terrific sandwiches and socializing while recounting the exhilarating drive we all had just experienced.

Brevard residents Karl and Kathy Klepfer were happy that we brought an event out their way as they summed it up with saying: “What a great day of driving!” 

I was happy to hear that we delivered to a new member and a first-time driver with us. Doug Menchhofer and his son Christian summed up their day with us by saying: “Let me just say thanks to everyone attending and/or organizing the event for going above and beyond to welcome me (and my son Christian) into your group!

We had a total blast!

The Turkey Trot route was a great circuit as our introductory drive with the club – kudos to the organizers and thanks again to all for the warm welcome!”

Appalachian Region is definitely making this an annual event.  The only difficulty will be repeating the fabulous weather.

See you at the Holiday Party on December 6 and the Annual Meeting on December 10.

Jim Moore – Appalachian Region President