Your vehicle is most certainly one of the biggest investments you make in life. That coupled with the fact that vehicle prices are skyrocketing, protecting your investment is more important than ever. IR Auto Solutions is committed to doing just that in Asheville, NC, Hendersonville, NC & surrounding areas in Western North Carolina.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an extremely durable, clear, urethane film that stops rock chips and other damage like heavy road debris from damaging your paint. Nothing offers automobile paint protection like PPF from IR Auto Solutions in Asheville, North Carolina.

IR Auto Solutions is certified to install Paint Protection Film and chooses PremiumShield as our primary PPF product.  IR Auto Solutions offers a lifetime manufacturer warranty and also warranties our installations. This gives you peace of mind and the ability to drive your car worry free.

A brief description of the installation process for PPF at IR Auto Solutions goes as follows. First beginning with a pre rinse and detailed wash process to remove any loose dirt and debris safely without causing any new scratches to your vehicle’s surfaces. Next we decontaminate the exterior of your vehicle both chemically and mechanically to ensure that we have a nice smooth and clean surface to apply your new Paint Protection Film to. After drying your vehicle, a light prep polish may be necessary to remove any previous waxes or sealant from your paint. After a final inspection under our Hexagrid LED lighting system, making sure your vehicle’s paint is clear of any dirt, debris or contamination, your paint protection film is ready to be applied. The PPF is applied using a mixture of distilled water and a mild detergent to create a slip solution, so that we can position the PPF properly before squeezing the film into place.

At IR Auto Solutions in Asheville, NC we know that our valued clients are entrusting us with some of your most valuable possessions. This is one reason that we have invested heavily into the proper knowledge, tools and equipment to give you the best PPF installation possible. IR Auto Solutions uses a 64″ Graphtec FC 9000-160 plotter and state of the art pattern software with modified and extended edges to ensure that our clients have complete coverage, the straightest cuts and most precise, tight fitting installs available.

After the installation of your Paint Protection Film is complete, we at IR Auto Solutions have provided you with a lifetime of automobile surface protection. Our PPF is self-healing, meaning that light scratches, known as swirl marks, are a thing of the past and will remove themselves automatically in the event that improper handling and introduction of such may occur.

Many of our clients choose to apply a Ceramic Coating on top of their new Paint Protection Film. We offer Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings designed specifically for PPF. This will act as an extra sacrificial layer adding even more protection and gloss for your vehicle and is highly recommended.Please see our aftercare and maintenance procedures located on the PPF page of our website Thank you for choosing IR Auto Solutions for all of your Paint Protection Film, PPF, Ceramic Coating & Automotive Detailing needs, located in Asheville, NC.

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