The new for 2022 “Porsches and Peaks” hiking series began with 18 APR members coming together to hike 5 miles from the Asheville Folks Arts Center to the local ‘lunch rock’ above the Haw Creek Lookout on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Appalachian Region Hiking Team ready to start the five-mile round trip hike from the Folk Art Center.

To begin the season, hike leaders, David Angelus and Dianne Bienick selected an easy out and back path along the Mountain to Seas Trail. The goal was to have fun, enjoy nature, and deepen PCA friendships through hiking our vast and beautiful WNC Mountains.

Half-way through the hike, after climbing 850+ feet of elevation, the PCA hikers were able to relax and enjoy a picnic lunch together overlooking the Haw Creek Valley in East Asheville.

After lunch, the group was rejuvenated and ready to move-on. The downhill hike returning to the trailhead was completed in record time! Everyoe did an outstanding job and the teamwork along the trail keeping each other motivated was world-class.

Based on the group smiles, the “pilot” hike series has a good chance of becoming a standing feature of the APR event schedule for years to come. Thank you to all that participated in the first hike and for bringing a positive attitude and willingness to have fun and succeed as a team.

We hope to see Y’all again next time in July when we will drive to, and hike, the Trombatore Trail To Blue Ridge Pastures Hiking!

For more information on the July Trombatore Trail Hike, click on this link: