Eggs Up in Hendersonville

The May Breakfast Ramble saw 17 Appalachian Region members come together at the Eggs Up Grill in Hendersonville.  It was a first time stop by the Club at this “new” breakfast spot.

To avoid the Saturday morning rush the meet-up was scheduled for 8:00 a.m. instead of the traditional 9:00 a.m. start.


The early start didn’t deter the turn-out and in fact was welcomed by many as it provided an opportunity for another Saturday morning activity.  Some were off to attend the local Quilt Show, while some ran their Saturday morning errands and eight members headed off the Asheville Cars and Coffee being held at the new Prescott Auto Reserve.

We have our own Cars & Coffee next Saturday, May 28 at the Asheville Outlet Mall from 8:15 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.  Last month we saw over 40 Porsches turn out, but unfortunately some didn’t respect the rules:  no speeding and no burnouts.  We were warned by the Mall so drive slow and safe on the Mall property so we don’t lose the right to meet here.  We have a great track program that will allow you to legally and safely drive fast if that is what you like to do in your Porsche.

In June we’ll take a break from Breakfast Rambles because we have the Summer Picnic on Saturday, June 18.  It is a sold-out event except at this point for new members.  If you are new in the last year, register and get on the wait list and we’ll work to get you into the picnic.

See you at App Café: Porsches & Coffee next weekend!