The May Social Mixer saw us meeting on the eastern side of the Region.  Going east brought out 13 members to the Hillman Brewery in Old Fort, North Carolina.

Social Mixer organizer, Dick Maybach works hard to move the Social Mixer around the Region so all members have a chance to gather in their backyard.  The Appalachian Region covers a broad geographic region from Hickory to the Tennessee border so the Old Fort location for Hillman’s was a perfect choice to go east.

It was a fun lively group who enjoyed a Hillman beer and their wonderful food.  Highly recommended is their Rueben sandwich.  Sitting next to the stream with the open air atmosphere made for pleasant early summer evening gathering for our May Social Mixer. 

Dick was traveling to visit family so we missed him but we’re sure to see Dick and hopefully all of you at the June 15 Social Mixer at Wicked Weed West at 145 Jacob Holm Way in Candler.

See you in Candler!