The 16 Presidents of PCA Regions in Zone 3 met in Atlanta on Saturday, March 26, 2022 for a collaborative event to discuss the 2022 goals for PCA and Zone 3.  The main focus continues to be membership growth as this is bedrock for the Club. Without a solid and growing membership, the Club does not have the base to deliver the events that members expect of the club.




Rod Johnson, the Zone 3 Representative led the meeting held at the Kimpton Hotel across the street from Porsche North America Headquarters.  Guests at the meeting included Cindy Jacisin, Executive Vice President of PCA National and Cathy Lee, Porsche North America Club Laison.

Zone 3 is the third largest Zone within PCA with 9500 members.  Appalachian Region is the ninth largest Region out of the 16 Regions of Zone 3 with 365 primary members and another 206 co-members for a total of 571 members.  Participation by members nationally averages about 20% members actively engaging in a PCA event.  Appalachian Region is an active, engaged Region with about 30% participating in the past two years.  A 2022 goal for Appalachian Region is to raise the engagement level by 5% in 2022.

Cindy defined five Strategic Initiatives for PCA National that will drive efforts in 2022:

  1. Marketing, Engagement and Long-Term Growth.
    1. Growing PCA Juniors
    2. Engaging Millennials
    3. Expanding interest to Modified Porsche owners
    4. Capitalizing on “Making a Difference” 
    5. Note on growth:Only 15-20% of Porsche owners are PCA members and only 20% of members are engaged in PCA.
  2. Establish PCA as the “Go-To” Source for all things Porsche and PCA.
  3. Become the Technical Resource for Members.
  4. Grow Performance Driving among members.
  5. Increase member Engagement within PCA.

Not surprisingly, the Zone 3 goals dovetail into the PCA National initiatives. Rod identified seven goals for Zone 3 to achieve in 2022:

  1. Continue net growth of membership (Appalachian Region is growing)
  2. Execute a Street Survival program (we did our own version, a “Senior Street Survival” at the Michelin Proving Grounds)
  3. Continue Collaboration (We brought four Regions together at the Griot’s Car Care Clinic and will bring multiple Regions together at Luft Wasser and Appalachian Adventure.)
  4. “Inspect your fruit” – Leadership needs to attend events
  5. Don’t leave subsidies on the table ( We submit for all subsidies available except Street Survival since they require the program for youth instead of Seniors.)
  6. Have at least one nomination from the Zone for each of the annual awards
  7. Have fun!

The Appalachian Region continues to meet the growth initiative through organic means and efforts from Membership Chair Don Lowcavage working with the Board on such initiatives as a New Member Welcome Letter, a personal handwritten note from the President, monthly newsletter, mid-month report and direct invitations to “new member events.”

As a reminder, the Appalachian Region has also established five goals for 2022.

  1. Increase engagement by 5% among new and existing members.
  1. Improve the safety record of drives to zero incidents.
  1. Increase performance-driving involvement through autocross and an introduction to Track Driver programs.
  1. Double the Region’s sponsorship income from $2,000 to $4,000.
  1. Review and establish operational processes for expense reimbursement, Public Service selection/support, expenditure approval process and technology archiving.

It all adds up to:  Having fun with Porsches!

The April Board Meeting scheduled for April 7, 2022 will be our Quarterly Review of progress against our goals.  We are well on our way to achieving the goals established by the Board for 2022.


After the six-hour meeting we had the pleasure to walk across the street to Porsche Headquarters and view the Heritage Gallery Display focused on the “Colors of Porsche”.  Sixty per cent of people say color is one of the main factors they consider when purchasing a car and this is even more true of a Porsche owner.  The unique colors and premium prices that they command drive the market.  The best example is the tremendous response the new PCA site, has had in the internet world where you can explore Porsche colors, their rarity and what models offered what colors.

The drive home reaffirmed the joy of living in the Asheville area as I fought traffic in Atlanta even at two on a Saturday afternoon.  An off-the-beaten path drive down SC-11 instead of I-85 provided enjoyment of Turbo Bear on the backroads while driving the Cherokee Foothills Parkway.  The site of the Blue Ridge Mountains to my left as I skirted down the road was a welcome site.  

See you at an Appalachian Region Event!

 Jim Moore – APR President