The February Tech Session for the Appalachian Region was a four-region event at the new Blue Ridge Car Club that featured Rod and Lucas Kraft from Griot’s Garage car care products.

Appalachian Region was joined by PCA members from Wilderness Trail, Smoky Mountain and Upstate Carolinas.  A total of 69 PCA members were in attendance with another 10 guests for a total of 79 attendees.

 Lining the walls of the display area were some of the members’ finest performance model Porsches including a Scott's new GT3, Matt's "Tigger" GT4 and Leo's Miami Blue Cayman GTS from Wilderness Trail, David's Cayenne GTS,  Jim's Classic ’86 Carrera 3.2, David's freshly concours-prepped 911 GTS and Yohan's new-to-him 991 Turbo S.  Porsche Asheville also brought out a beautiful Carmine Red Boxster off the showroom floor that might of found a buyer by the end of the event.

Griot’s Garage Car Care Clinic

Griot’s Garage Car Care experts, Rod and Lucas Kraft made the trip down from Maryland for this special presentation to the four PCA Regions.  Their focus was on paint prep and protection.  Appalachian Region member Phil Leftwich’s 2003 Midnight Blue Boxster was the demonstration car as they clay-barred it, buffed it and protected it.  The latest, greatest Griot’s products were used and samples were left for all attendees.

Griot’s was also kind enough to provide a discount code PCAGG that provides 15% off all Griot’s Liquid Car Car products. All attendees and Porsche Club members, whether you attended the event or not, will receive a 10% discount when ordering online.  To apply the coupon to, find the products you want to order and enter PCAGG into the box Key Code/Gift Certificate.  When you click “Apply” the 10% discount will be credited to your order.

Several interesting products to consider ordering include a Synthetic Clay pad to replace the original clay bar.  This new synthetic version will provide many more uses with safer application from accidental scratches of a dirty clay bar. To use the Synthetic Clay you just spray the surface with Griot’s Speed Shine, wipe the surface with the synthetic clay and then using a clean microfiber cloth you wipe off any moisture and, then turn the cloth over and wipe it off again.  

Rod and Lucas couldn’t impress enough how important it is to us clean microfiber towels when wiping the car down.  Also, when wiping the car, forget the old-fashion “wipe on in circles, wipe off in circles.” This is what causes the infamous swirls marks in the paint.  Instead apply products and wipe off in straight lines in the same direction of the lines of the car.

The highly recommended protectant for use on your daily driver is the new Ceramic 3-in-1 Wax to replace the old paste wax many of us grew up using.  To use you just spray it on and wipe it off again with that clean microfiber cloth.  A single application will last about nine months.  A double application will last up to a year.  There is also a Ceramic Glass Cleaner that will have the glass sparkling and the water running off the glass when you are caught in the rain.  A good tip:  On the outside glass clean up and down, while on the inside of the glass wipe side-to-side.  It is then easy to see where you missed the wipe; inside or out.

Their Car Care recommendation is to wash the car, clay it, and then protect the finish spraying the car with the Ceramic 3-in-1 and then cleaning the windows with the Ceramic Glass Cleaner. Of course there is a whole process on wheel cleaning and interior, but time limited going into the details.  During this nine months of protection you should just need to wash and dry your car.

Rod also demonstrated proper use of the Random Orbital Polisher.  This is an intimidating piece of equipment for many car owners for fear that they are going to ruin the paint.  Rod demonstrated using the G9 model that he considers to be the most all-around versatile model.  Rod handed the polisher off to a couple members and sure enough they quickly were safely operating the polisher.

The most common comment from the day was: “I have always been afraid of using a polisher, but the fear was taken away today.”  This is of course is partly due to the advanced random orbital feature of the Griot’s G9 Polisher.  This might be a good item to use your 10% discount on.

Blue Ridge Car Club and Conservancy

The venue for the Tech Session was the new Blue Ridge Car Club and Conservancy in Arden, North Carolina.

This is a new private car club and storage facility that literally just opened with the Appalachian Region Griot’s Car Care Clinic as their soft opening.  It is going to a fabulous Car Club for the enthusiast in the Asheville area.  In addition to the car storage facilities, there will be a conference room for meetings, a lounge area with a pool table and big screen TV’s, a poker table and race simulators.  The bar area will serve beer and wine, and members can keep their favorite liquor in their personalized locker.  Car enthusiast events will be held on a regular basis. 

Three levels of membership from a Social, to Premium to a Storage membership will be available.  For more information, look at the web site  or contact the owner Ralph or manager, Warren at

See you at the next Appalachian Region event!

Next Events for Appalachian Region

February 9:  Black Mountain Perks Coffee Meet-up

February 12:  Sim Racing League Race 2

February 15:  Social Mixer at Burning Blush Brewery

February 19:  Breakfast at the Dixie

February 26:  Sim Racing League Race 3

Thanks for Making this Event Possible

These events don’t occur with a team of volunteers so we need to thank everyone:

  • Event Planning: David Butler and Dan Dazzo
  • Parking and Shuttle Car: David Angelus, Charlie Hickey, Yohan Sookdeo, Don Therien, Don Zelm
  • Griot’s Garage Tech Team: Rod Kraft and Lucas Kraft
  • Blue Ridge Car Club: Ralph Griffith and Warren Aves
  • Demonstration Car: Phil Leftwich and his 2003 Boxster
  • Display Cars: Miami Blue Cayman GTS - Leo Nascimento from Wilderness Region, Matt Leach - “Tigger” GT4, David Angelus - Carmine Red 911 GTS, Jim Moore - Gray 911 Carrera 3.2. David Butler - White Cayenne GTS, Scott Rowbotham - White GT3, Yohan Sookdeo - Black 911 Turbo S, Cobras courtesy of Blue Ridge Car Club and Carmine Red Boxster courtesy of Porsche Asheville
  • Photography: Jasmine Aves

Jim Moore  – President Appalachian Region PCA