The Region Christmas and Holiday Gathering at Porsche Asheville was a great success! We had in excess of 100 members plus the cheerful Staff of the Dealership in attendance.

The big crowd showed their generosity in donating to MANNA FoodBank. Chad Conaty, MANNA's fund raising manager, spoke at the evening's close, informing us that PCA Members had contributed over $5,000. A generous donation was also made by Flow Automotive-Porsche Asheville. We heard from Chad last week that an anonymous APR member had matched the funds that were raised on Tuesday. All together, our Holiday Gathering donated almost $12,000 to help feed the less fortunate in WNC. I am proud to be associated with such caring and generous PCA Members and the Great Folks at the Dealership.

We have an interesting Tech Session planned for February 5th. Two representatives from Griot’s Garage are coming to Asheville to give a two-hour seminar on Paint Correction. We normally have about 20-30 members register and attend our Tech Sessions. To maximize utilization of Griot's time and travel, we want to have about 50 members attend the Event. Our plan is to work with nearby PCA Regions to invite additional members to join us for this clinic. APR Members will have exclusive access to registration through December 31st. Click here for details and to register: Griot's Demo. We will be meeting in the Blue Ridge Auto Club facility at 8 Loop Rd in Arden, NC. Complimentary coffee and donuts will be served at this no charge Event. We hope to see you there!

I also need your feedback on a Driving Clinic event that we are planning for March. We will be renting the facilities of the Michelin Proving Grounds in Laurel, SC, located under two hours from Asheville. In order to cover the rental expense, we will ask participants based on numbers attending, to pay between $50 and $100 for the full day Driving Clinic. Similar one-day Clinics charge north of $1,000 to attend. Dan Dazzo, our Chief Driving Instructor, has many years of experience providing this training, both for PCA Members and Law Enforcement Officers. Dan will be running the program with the assistance of PCA Certified Instructors.

The driving clinic will consist of the following:

Classroom session covering vehicle dynamics, car control, and an explanation of the "hands-on" driver training you will receive. These exercises will take place in three separate arenas:

  1. A wet skidpad to work on recovery techniques for front-wheel skids, rear-wheel skids, and all-wheel skids.
  2. Coned exercises for straight-line braking, braking in a turn, and swerve-to-avoid while braking to a stop.
  3. Coned slalom exercises to work on smooth vehicle weight transfer from side-to-side, smooth steering inputs and good ocular driving techniques to maintain proper vehicle placement and control.

The day will end with a follow-up classroom covering what we learned and how we progressed.

Please send me a response by selecting my name below to tell me (provided the TBD date works for you), that you intend to register for this opportunity to improve your driving skills.

I look forward to seeing you at this event!

Don Therien, APR President