Luft Wasser returned in 2021 with a fall appearance after a COVID break in 2020. 176 Porsches registered for participation representing seven states and eleven PCA regions.

More than half the participants participated in one of six driving tours that started in Western North Carolina and South Carolina. The other half of participants found their-own-way to the City of Brevard. The culmination of the tours was entering Main Street for public display of their beautiful machines.

The Pre-Dawn View of Main Street Brevard           Photos: Rusty Russ

Part of the Staging Team, L to R:  Charlie Hickey, Joe Esposito, Mona Gregg, Jim Peterson, Todd Puhl, Scott Walker and Greg Carder

The day started with volunteers enjoying a coffee and a donut at 7:00 a.m. waiting for the sun to illuminate the Main Street so they could start their job of marking the display area. To accommodate the 150+ Porsches that finally make the journey, Scott Walker’s staging team had to carefully measure out all the display spots up and down Main Street so the display looks orderly and all the cars fit the space allotted by the City of Brevard.

At the same time David Butler’s checkpoint teams were setting up at the entry points to prepare for the tours to come roaring into town as only a group of Porsches can do.

Checkpoint 3 of the On Site Registration Team  L to R: Gene Carter, Carole Carter, Judy Butler, David Butler and Larry Wolford

Checkpoint 2 - Dianne Biennick  Photo:  David Angelus

New this year was an Appalachian Hospitality Tent that was staffed by Linda, Gale Dazzo and Gay Pluene. Housed next to the Porsche Asheville tent and car display, it became a hot spot hangout as the two tents offered water, coffee mugs, window clings and smiles. The Appalachian Region team won on smiles, personality and for window clings. Porsche Asheville definitely won on tchotchke giveaways with beautiful ceramic Porsche coffee mugs.

Hospitality Tent Team  L to R:  Gale Dazzo, Linda Davis Moore, Event Director Jim Moore and Gay Pluene  Photo:  Rusty Russ

Porsches started rolling in at 8:30 a.m. as the “Find Your-Own-Way” drivers started arriving. Over 50 cars were arriving on their own to be staged before the tours starting rolling into town. At this point the registration volunteers and staging volunteers were in full swing gaining signatures, handing out Placards and placing Porsches.

Photo:  Rusty Russ

At the same time tours were starting to roll from Asheville, Hendersonville, Waynesville, Landrum, SC and Forest City, NC. Over 100 Porsches were enjoying the mountain roads leading to Brevard for a rendezvous on Main Street Brevard between 9:30 and 10:15 a.m. We saw new Porsches, old Porsches and fun Porsches roll onto Main. These tours required over 20 volunteers providing tour lead and sweep duties. Not to mention, the pre-drives and planning to create mountain driving tours and coordinate their arrival into town to not overload the stating crews.

A stop on the Asheville 151 Tour enjoying an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway on their way to Brevard.          Photo:  Bob Disney

Once everyone had arrived it became a massive Celebration of Porsches as they lined either side of Broad Street up and down Main Street in three rows across, nose to tail.

Photo:  Jim Moore

The street was filled with participants and spectators enjoying an ideal fall day of sun with crispness in the air. As Troy Nunamaker stated: “The drive from Hendersonville was great (wonderful pace and a beautiful route) and then we had the pleasure of connecting with more enthusiasts in downtown Brevard.”

As much fun as we all had, we can’t do it without the volunteers who make it all possible. This year we had close to 50 Appalachian Region members, plus a couple of Brevard store owners who helped make it all happen.

 Photo: Paul Cuenin

Thank You to the City of Brevard, the Heart of Brevard and Transylvania County Tourism

We have to thank Transylvania County Tourism for their sponsorship that helps to pay for the excellent fire and police support we receive and the Brevard Planning Department for authorizing the event into the city’s plans. And, our longtime supporter Heart of Brevard who work with the stores and restaurants to be so welcoming in their wonderful city.

Photos and Videos of the Event

The event had three official photographers, Bob Disney, Dick Maybach and Rusty Russ and one Videographer, Jerrry Mattox. To view their work, click on these links:

Photos from Rusty Russ:   Rusty is offering photos to attendees if you would like one of yourself, your car or the event. Right click on the photo and save it to your desktop/file.

Video of the Luft Wasser display from Jerry Mattox. Jerry walks the event sharing the cars on display:

Photos on Facebook from Paul Cuenin:

Photos on Facebook from Bob Disney:


There is a limited number of Luft Wasser window clings and Luft Wasser Polo Shirts available for purchase.

Window Clings: 2” Round Luft Wasser 2021 “inside the glass” Window Cling. You should have found one free one attached to your display Placard, but if you would like another one, or two, you can order more at a cost of $1 each:

Luft Wasser Polo Shirt: The Luft Wasser Polo Shirt was created to say thank you to the Volunteers, but an overstock purchase makes a limited quantity available if you would like to purchase one for $18.75 each that includes free shipping:

Appalachian Region Volunteers

As Chris Onulak of the Appalachian Region stated: “It was a Fabulous event yesterday. Thank you to all the volunteers and organizers.”

Web Site Registration

  • Dick Maybach

On-Site Registration

  • David Butler - Lead
  • Judy Butler – Checkpoint 3
  • David Angelus and Dianne Bienick – Checkpoint 2
  • Carole and Gene Carter – Checkpoint 3
  • Amy and Mark Feightner – Checkpoint 1
  • Jim Symington and Laurel Fordyce – Checkpoint 4
  • Larry Wolford

Display Area Staging

  • Scott Walker – Lead
  • George Cain
  • Greg Carder
  • Chuck Crane
  • Joe Esposito
  • Mona Gregg
  • Charlie Hickey
  • Thad Hodgdon
  • Karl Klepfer
  • Dick Maybach
  • Jim Peterson
  • Todd Puhl
  • Yohan Sookdeo

Tour Leaders and Sweeps

  • Asheville 151: Don Therien, Bob Poe, Bob Disney and John Long
  • Asheville BRP: Gerhard Hillmann, Dave White
  • Hendersonville Modern Porsches: Dan Dazzo, Carl von Schummer
  • Hendersonville Classic Porsches: Allen Peerson, Beverly Davis, Thomas Gerey
  • Waynesville: Jean and Robert Larsen, David Stori, John Goetzman
  • South: Don Lowcavage, Scott Pleune
  • East: Richard Little, Bill Wolfe

Brevard Liaison

  • Karl Klepfer

Hospitality Tent

  • Linda Davis Moore
  • Gale Dazzo
  • Gay Pluene

Event Photographers and Videographers

  • Bob Disney
  • Jerry Mattox
  • Dick Maybach
  • Rusty Russ

Event Director

  • Jim Moore

Appalachian Region Officers

  • President: Don Therien
  • Vice President: Jim Moore
  • Secretary: Don Grainger
  • Treasurer: Matt Pohsweg
  • Past President: Peter Graham

Thanks to everyone.

Jim Moore– Vice President and Events Chair






See You in Brevard in 2022!

The Photo Gallery below features photos from John Budinich, Paul Cuenin, Bob Disney, Dick Maybach, Jim Moore and Rusty Russ.


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  • LW_Cue-356rep.jpg
  • LW_Cue-911HR.jpg
  • LW_Cue-914LE.jpg
  • LW_Cue-944.jpg
  • LW_Cue-996Yel.jpg
  • LW_Cue-911993.jpg
  • LW_Cue-Boxster.jpg
  • LW_Cue-Girraffe.jpg
  • LW_Cue-Rears.jpg
  • LW_Cue-Ruf.jpg
  • LW_Cue-Speedster.jpg
  • LW_Cue-Spyder.jpg
  • LW_Cue-Targa.jpg
  • LW_Cue-Turbo.jpg
  • LW_Cue-TurboPro.jpg
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