Club Members were treated to a Three-Ring Circus of a tech session with paintless dent removal at the front of the car, Curb Rash repair at the back of the car and wheel repair on the other side of the shop. The July 24, 2021 Tech Session at Asheville Hail and Dent Repair had 26 members watching three different demonstrations at the same time.

At the front of the Author’s 911, Turbo Bear, owner Shiloh Mielke was removing several small hail dents from the hood. Paint Specialist Matt Lapp assisted with the paintless dent removal on the hood by providing a paint correction on the hood after Shiloh was done with removing the dent.

At the same time Paint Specialist Jordan Garmon was refinishing a rear wheel suffering from curb rash.  (Yes, I hit a curb with my 911 Turbo while in a parking lot.)   And, across the shop, wheel specialist Ben Jefferies was giving a demonstration on fixing bent or cracked rims.

As the name suggests Asheville Hail & Dent started their business by offering paintless dent removal.  Now, in addition to dent removal, they are the only shop in Asheville offering wheel refinishing and repair of cracked or dented wheels.  Repairing a Porsche wheel rather than buying a new one can save you easily $1,000 per wheel.

Members were amazed to see the small dents in the hood melt away under the skillful tool handling by Shiloh and his paint specialist Matt.  The wheels on Turbo Bear are now factory original looking.  It took Shiloh about an hour to remove four hail dents from the hood.  During that same time Jordan refinished the wheel.

I had banged that wheel on a curb in a parking lot and since it was a left rear I saw the curb rash every time I entered the car reminding myself of my carelessness that day.  Repairing the marred wheel was worth every cent of the $150 I paid for the repair to that wheel (this price was based on multiple wheels being repaired at once – the one wheel only price is $175.)

Thanks to Dan Dazzo for arranging this tech session and finding this one of a kind resource in Asheville.

Below is a gallery of photos from Dick Maybach and Jim Moore

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Jim Moore – Vice President & Tech Chair






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