I think it is safe to say that we all had a peachy drive on yesterday’s “Sweet Roads to Sweet Peaches” Drive and Dine planned by David Angelus and Dianne Bienick.

The weather and roads were sweet as a peach as we had clear, sunny skies and a nice selection of twists and turns as we traversed from the Blue Ridge Parkway to Strawberry Hill in South Carolina.

The July Appalachian Drive had 33 cars and 55 members registered.  The region continues our expansive growth, as three drive groups are now required to accommodate all the interest in enjoying the pleasures of a Porsche while seeing local sights and roads.  Dan and Gale Dazzo provided sweep duties for David and Dianne in Group One.  David Stori led Drive Group Two with Peter and Claudia Graham as Sweep. Jim and Linda led Drive Group Three with Dave and Peggy White as their Sweep.  Thanks to all the volunteers for making this a successful drive.


The drive started at the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitors Center with staggered starts by the three drive groups.  After a short excursion down the Parkway and Charlotte Highway in Fairview, the Porsches started to exercise their legs crossing the twists and turns with elevations changes provided by Old Fort Road.  This is a favorite road for Fairview and Black Mountain Porsche residents as it is in the backyard with everything you can ask for in a low mountain road.

The three lines then enjoyed the North Carolina Scenic Byway, The Black Mountain Rag, NC-9 that took us to Chimney Rock and Lake Lure.  The beaches of Lake Lure looked inviting as we passed by with the outside temperature guage passing 80 degrees.

At the rest stop in Lake Lure, Dick Duccini made a good point when he stated:  “We need to strongly encourage members to buy radios for the drive as it was really useful when we encountered bike riders on Old Fort Road.”    Twice along this route we came across bike riders while climbing hills and blind curves. 

This was the best example of the safety value of the radios.  As the lead driver I was able to warn the line to slow for the bikes and then advise them when the road was clear up ahead to safely pass the bike riders.  We are not advising a radio purchase for drivers to talk, but to listen for road hazards the lead car may be encountering.  New Member Bill Holden also found it useful just to understand what is going on the drive as the lead and sweep are speaking to keep the line together.  

Here is an article about radio use and purchase from Tour Director John Goetzman:  https://aprpca.org/356B/index.php/news/658-radios-now-recommended-for-touring-210424

After our break in Lake Lure we headed to South Carolina with straighter roads and higher temperatures.  The payoff was worth it as we ended at Strawberry Hill USA for a café lunch and shopping at the produce stand.

The drive team was surprised by the crowds because the café was empty during the pre-drive but of course on drive day everyone in North and South Carolina must of decided to go to Strawberry Hill for peaches.  The parking lot was overflowing and tables in the café were scarce.  Everyone had a good attitude for the short wait, even enjoying ice cream before lunch!

A great café diner lunch was topped off by most with homemade peach ice cream, the peach cobbler or Strawberry Shortcake.  It was all just peachy good.

After lunch, members took the walk across the road to the produce stand where Porsche frunks were loaded with bags of peaches and strawberries.

It was a fine, peachy drive that was enjoyed by drivers and navigators providing great roads for the drivers and peaches galore to enjoy, buy and bring home.

Enjoy photos in the gallery below as provided by David Angelus, Dick Maybach and Jim Moore.

If you enjoyed your day with the Appalachian Region, consider the upcoming events.  Registration for these events will open on July 15, 2021

Wheel Repair and Paintless Dent Repair Tech Session on July 24, 2021 – Tech Chair Dan Dazzo has scheduled a special mid-summer tech session on Saturday, July 24 at  Asheville Hail and Dent Repair.  The session starts at 9:30 a.m.   Even though the company name focuses on Dent Repair, they also offer a unique wheel repair service that is the only one in Asheville.   You no longer have to travel to Greenville for those curb rash repairs on your Porsche wheels.  Sign-up for this session opens on July 15, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. using this link:  https://aprpca.org/356B/index.php/events/appalachian-event/921-tech-session-on-wheel-repair-paintless-dent-repair

Craggy Gardens, Drive, Hike and/or Picnic on August 10, 2021 – Gerhard Hillman will lead a drive down the Parkway for a short hike at Craggy Gardens before enjoying a picnic together at the Picnic grounds.  If you are not a hiker, second drive group will go straight to the picnic grounds to enjoy the great outdoors of this National Park.  Registration for this drive opens on July 15, 2021 at 12:00 p.m.:  https://aprpca.org/356B/index.php/events/appalachian-event/924-drive-and-hike-21081

Five-Year Anniversary Party on August 12. 2021– This social event at the Country Club of Asheville will recognize the 5 years (plus one) of the region’s existence.  The evening will feature a fabulous buffet dinner at the Club with a program recounting the history of the Region with recognition of members and door prizes throughout the evening.  Registration is now open on the Region’s web site:  https://aprpca.org/356B/index.php/events/appalachian-event/705-five-year-anniversary-celebration-210812

Appalachian Adventure September 9 – 12, 2021 – Appalachian Adventure is one of the Region’s premier events featuring drives, a concours, sightseeing and a lot of great socializing with members.  This multi-day event moves to Blowing Rock, North Carolina this year with new Chair Bob Hermann and his team planning a whole new slate of great events.  This event sign-up is through ClubRegistration.net where you can also find the details and information on the Host Hotel for sign-up.  You can make room reservations now and then sign-up for the event on July 15, 2021 using this link at ClubRegistration.net:  https://clubregistration.net/events/event-details.cfm?event_id=11579

Jim Moore – Vice President and Events Chair





Here are more photos of the event.

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