The Appalachian Region New Member Picnic lived up to its name as 86 new members joined 64 current members to be welcomed to the region.  The day featured a picnic and car show on the lawns at The Ramble.

Over 60 Porsches from the earliest being a couple 1972’s to a week old Boxster, graced the field.  Porsche Asheville also displayed two of Porsche’s top sellers with a new Cayenne and a Taycan Turbo on the show field.  Thank you to Douglas and Charles from the dealership for providing this great display.  Here is a video from Bob Disney that shows off the Concours field of Porsches ( ) and a second one showing the members socializing in the pavilion:


We couldn’t hold the New Member Picnic in 2020 so we had two years of new members to bring together with our existing members. The Appalachian Region has seen phenomenal growth over the past two years as Asheville continues to rank as a top city to live in the country.

Porsche owners seem to be a high demographic for moving to Asheville as the Region as the Region has grown by 47.5% over the past two years.  In 2019 we had 225 primary members and 360 total members*.  The Region now has 338 primary members and 531 total members*. The Appalachian Region continually ranks in the top five in the nations among PCA Regions for factored growth.  

What a day for a picnic. Photos from Bob Disney, Carl von Schummer, and Jim Moore are in the photo gallery below.

The sun was out, but not too hot.  We had a beautiful venue at The Ramble. The club provided some great broasted chicken while members brought spectacular, tasty dishes for sides and desserts. And the event featured a spectacular show field.

Based on the buzz in the Pavilion and Tent, the event was a success as new and current members were introducing themselves to each other and learning about Porsches, families and interests.


Thankts to Bob Disney you can see more photos and videos here.

The Region’s newest members at the Picnic were Jerry and Diane Hinz with a three-day old membership to accompany their 2021 Boxster while the longest member at the picnic was Joe Watson with over 40 years as a PCA member.  

Over 25 volunteers helped to put this event on.  The Region can’t put on great events without the volunteers, so let’s recognize them.

Show Field

  • David Butler
  • Joe Esposito
  • Scott Walker
  • Todd Puhl

Food Set-up 

  • David Angelus
  • Dianne Bienick
  • Judy Butler
  • Beverly Davis
  • Robin Grainger
  • Linda Moore

Welcome Desk

  • David Angelus
  • Claudia Graham
  • Jim Moore
  • Don Therien

Web Site and Registration

  • Dick Maybach

Pavilion Arrangements and Set-up

  • Dan Dazzo
  • Bob Disney
  • Mary Jo Goodman
  • Steve Goodman
  • Jim Moore
  • Mark Nowakowski
  • Yohan Sookdeo
  • Don Therien
  • Dave White

Pavilion Teardown

  • David Angelus
  • Beverly Davis
  • Linda Moore
  • Bob Disney
  • Koichi Kiyohara
  • David Linton
  • Suzie Linton
  • Jim Moore
  • Larry Morton
  • Mark Nowakowski
  • Allen Peerson
  • Yohan Sookdeo
  • Dave White
  • Peggy White
  • And, apologies if I missed your name as I wasn’t able to track everybody helping at the end

The Region buys the chicken for the event and though we had the terrific turnout with lots of eating, there was chicken left over at the end of the event.  Thanks to Judy Butler’s suggestion we were able to donate the uneaten chicken to the Veteran’s Restoration Quarters, an Asheville organization helping veterans in transition.  Chicken Coordinators David Angelus and Dianne Bienick made sure the chicken arrived for a Sunday dinner for the residents.  If you would like to learn more about Veteran’s Restoration Quarters, you can view their web site:

If you enjoyed your day with the Appalachian Region, consider the upcoming events in August.

Craggy Gardens, Drive, Hike and/or Picnic on August 10, 2021 – Gerhard Hillman will lead a drive down the Parkway for a short hike at Craggy Gardens before enjoying a picnic together at the Picnic grounds.  If you are not a hiker, second drive group will go straight to the picnic grounds to enjoy the great outdoors of this National Park.  Registration for this drive opens on July 15, 2021 at 12:00 p.m.:

Five-Year Anniversary Party on August 12. 2021– This social event at the Country Club of Asheville will recognize the 5 years (plus one) of the region’s existence.  The evening will feature a fabulous buffet dinner at the Club with a program recounting the history of the Region with recognition of members and door prizes throughout the evening.  Registration is now open on the Region’s web site:

Videos – Courtesy of Bob Disney

Porsches on the Show Field at the New Member Picnic:

Members socializing at the New Member Picnic:

*PCA reports members as a Primary Member (the individual paying for the membership) and Affiliate Members (the paying primary member can have another individual as a PCA member connected to their membership at no additional charge.)  The Primary members and Affiliate members together provide for the region’s total membership.

Jim Moore - Vice President and Events Chair






You can see more pictures in the slide-show below.

Place the cursor on or below an image to pause the show.

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