The Straightaway Drive was anything but straight as an actual count of 397 curves challenged the 27 Porsches of Appalachian Region that member Don Lowcavage designed for the Appalachian Region May 8, 2021 Drive and Dine.

Don and his Co-Driver Susan and Sweep John Long, led the first group out of Landrum, South Carolina en-route to The Straightaway Cafe in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  Jim Moore in his “Turbo Bear” 911, with Bob and Jan Hermann in their brand new Midnight Blue Boxster as Sweep guided the second group.  David Angelus and Co-Driver Dianne Bienick with Gene Carter as Sweep provided leadership for Drive Group Three.

Twenty-Seven Porsches with 43 members was a smaller drive for the region this year but was enjoyed by all as we drove and had a great outdoor meal at the Straightaway. Either Covid-safe being confined in a car entertainment is wearing off, or the Mother’s Day Weekend drew a lot of members to other events to see kids and/or mothers.

The first leg of the drive took the drive groups from Landrum through Tryon to Saluda before we drove the twists and turns of Holbert Cove Road into Lake Lure. Since we started in the south end of the region and drove north, these roads were new to many.  The surprise of what was around the next corner was enjoyable and kept drivers on their toes.  The many twists and turns also challenged the Co-Drivers as they “held on tight” with each switchback.

New transfer-in members, Karl and Kathy Klepner, from Colorado are experienced mountain drivers, but commented, “How different the Blue Ridge Mountains are to drive with all the twists and turns.”  As Karl stated:  “Our Appalachian Region roads provide a real workout.”  Karl and Kathy noted that Colorado drives provide beautiful mountain passes with sweeping turns as they traverse the Rockies while this drive was left-right-right-left, one after another.

The three drive groups re-convened at the Ingles Market in Lake Lure for a 20-minute rest while each driving team re-counted their thoughts and fun on the new roads of South Appalachian Region that they just experienced.

Many would have guessed that the first leg was the “twisty-turn” leg, but in reality the number of turns traversed were about equal.  We experienced 202 curves from Landrum to Lake Lure and 195 curves from Lake Lure to Black Mountain.  

Most of the drive was a clear run for all three-drive groups, but as Jean Larson always says: “It only requires one vehicle to cause a traffic jam!”  A cement truck provided that pleasure for a short section of the drive for Group 3 as captured by Jean.

New transfer-in member from Jacksonville, Florida, Yohan Sookdeo, had his first taste of the Appalachian Region driving experience with this drive. When he bounded from his Paint-to-Sample (PTS) Pastel Yellow 911 the grin on his face was unforgettable. “These roads were unbelievable; I never knew the capability of a Porsche until now, since Florida roads are flat and straight.”

The next challenge was the lunch, could the Straightaway Cafe efficiently serve 50 members in a timely fashion.  And, they did.  The food and drinks were out quickly for all to enjoy as we basked in the sun on the terrace.  The Straightaway is a hidden little gem on the great road of NC-9 from Black Mountain to Bat Cave, North Carolina that Events Chair, Jim Moore loves to introduce to friends and Porsche drivers as you get a great driving road to reach it and the reward of great food and location for a break.

See you at the next Appalachian Region event!

Next Appalachian Region Events:

May 15, 2021: App Cafe –Porsches & Coffee at the Asheville Outlet Mall,8:15 a.m. – 9:45 a.m., Open house style, come and leave as your schedule allows.  The last App Cafe had 55 Porsches. Besides friends and Porsches, the Region provides the coffee.

May 15, 2021: Appalachian Adventure Planning Meeting, If you want to help at the three-day Adventure in Blowing Rock scheduled for this September come to Porsche Asheville after App Cafe for the first planning meeting to put this great Adventure together.  10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. at Porsche Asheville

May 15, 2021: Registration opens at 12:00 p.m. for the June events.

June 26, 2021: New Member Picnic at The Ramble.  The picnic is open to both existing and new members of the Region.  Over a Region-provided Chicken picnic, with sides from the members, the “old hands” of Appalachian Region will be able to introduce the New Members to our Southern Hospitality. A picnic at The Ramble provides a special treat as we have a perfect picnic pavilion that overlooks the green field where our Porsches will be parked in a Concours-type setting.  No pressure as this is display only with no judging.  Register on June 15, 2021 at 12:00 pm using this link:

Jim Moore – Vice President & Events Chair






Photos are courtesy of Bob Disney, Jean Larson and Jim Moore

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