The App Café –Porsches & Coffee and the Tech Session at Auto Armor provided a double header on Saturday, April 17, 2021 for Porsche Club members of the Appalachian Region.  A total of 65 members in 58 different Porsches attended the two events with 55 of those Porsches at the App Café – Porsches & Coffee.

Construction at our original App Café location necessitated App Café Chair, Dave White to hustle for a new location.  The Asheville Outlet Mall that so kindly hosted Asheville Treffen PCA back in 2017 eagerly agreed to again host the club.  The new location and perhaps the promise of free coffee and donuts brought out the membership to enjoy cars and conversation with other members.  Note that Coffee and Donuts will be on you at the next App Café on May 15, but you’ll still enjoy the event.  (The next one will again be at the Asheville Outlet Mall.)

The highlight of the event might have been the surprise visit by Porsche Asheville who brought a brand new Taycan and a Boxster.  The Taycan proved a major hit with members as test drives were taken around the parking lot.  For most members it was a first exposure to the future of Porsche.

As App Café wound down, 22 participants headed down the road to Auto Armor where Tech Chair Dan Dazzo with the assistance of President Don Therien had arranged for a session on Xpel protective film and Ceramic Coatings.  Auto Armor is the recommended protective film supplier of Porsche Asheville and has been used by many club members.  It was an extremely informative session with Auto Armor owner Mike wrapping a Cayenne hood while we all watched over his shoulder.  There were a lot of questions and a lot of interest in the Xpel wraps system.

Thanks Dave and Dan for arranging these two great events that delivered a double header Saturday for club members.

Enjoy some photos of the two events from Dick Maybach, and Jim Moore in the slide show below.

The Next Events for the Appalachian Region

The next event on the calendar is a “sold out” Drivers Education (DE) event at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama.  Several members are traveling down for the weekend to experience this great track.  If you haven't experienced your Porsche on the track yet, and want to, contact our DE Chair David Wells about the next event.  You can email David by clicking on his info under officers of this web site.

There is room available for the next Drive & Dine titled “The Straightaway.”  It starts at the border of South Carolina and travels some roads that will be new to many as we head to Black Mountain to enjoy an outdoor lunch on the terrace at The Straightaway Café.  

If you are new to the club or have always wanted to try one of our popular drive and dine events this is the one to try.  We are establishing a new “Tour” group for those that want to drive the route at a tour pace or are new to the experience and want to see what it is all about.  You can sign up here:

See you at The Straightaway!

Jim Moore – Appalachian Region Vice President and Events Chair






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