The first drive of 2021 was a major driving and social success with 40 Porsches and 72 members enjoying a sunny afternoon in the mountains.

More importantly, Appalachian Region members continued their sense of giving that won the Region the Public Service Award in 2020 by donating $550 to the Rocky Bottom Retreat and Conference Center of the Blind - The Region also donated another $100 from the Treasury for a total contribution of $650. Needless to say, Tom Spittle, the Director was thrilled with the members’ generosity. Thank you to everyone.

Sass Stage1

The Sassafras Mountain Drive and Dine was the Region’s largest drive to-date. The drive was organized by Bob Disney and Dave White. Since the drive quickly expanded from the initial registration of 24 up to 36 cars and ultimately 40 cars, Dan Dazzo raised his hand and led a third group.

Seven additional members helped make the event smooth and fun. This included John Goetzman as the overall Tour Director for the Region, Don Therien (President), Don Lowcavage and Charlie Hickey as Rockers and Scott Pleune, Bill Price and Don Grainger as Sweeps. Thank you everyone for helping out. The plan is to turn to each of you to help at some point on a drive in a Rocker or Sweep position.

The drive started in Mills River in a wide open Storage Depot parking lot where everyone had a chance to connect and renew Porsche friendships after a winter of lockdown. The day was sunny, clear and chilly, but ideal for a drive. Thirteen cars featured new drivers who quickly acclimated within the group and fell into line with the wide mix of Porsches.

Sass Stage8

Three drive groups were set-up leaving at 15-minute intervals for spacing on the road for maximum fun and safety. The route was planned to drive the southern part of the region since we are early in the driving season and need to be sure the roads are open and ice-free as opposed to what we may find at the higher elevations.

Sass Drive6

The destination was Sassafras Mountain, the highest point in South Carolina at 3,335’. The observation point is on the North Carolina / South Carolina border providing 360 degree views of North and South Carolina and Georgia.

The original idea was to view the sunset, but the drives were completed quicker than planned so most members just enjoyed the clear view. The diehards to stay for sunset were event organizer Bob Disney and Don and Susan Lowcavage. They report that it was a beautiful sunset but extremely cold.

Sass Sun3

It is always hard to say what was the highlight of one of Appalachian Region’s popular drive and dines; was it the great mountain roads, the picnic venue at Rocky Bottom Conference Center or the socializing with other members or meeting the new members. It is probably different for every one and that is what makes these events so fun.

Remember to sign-up for future events registration opens every month on the 15th of the month at 12:00 p.m.

About Rocky Bottom Retreat and Conference Center of the Blind – Since 1979, RBRCCB has served as a relaxing getaway for the blind of South Carolina. This retreat and conference center is affiliated with the National Federation of the Blind of South Carolina. RBRCCB is the only campus of its kind, owned and operated by the blind. Our campus is supported by rentals and donations. Use our PayPal link to make a tax exempt donation or book your next stay with us, today.

Jim Moore, Appalachian Vice President and Events Chair






Enjoy these photos of the day from Bob Disney, Andre Van Rensburg, Bill Price, Dick Maybach and Jim Moore.

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