Happy Thanksgiving!! Although many Regions still have events to execute in our Zone 3, most of this note is about looking to 2021 and making you aware of some super events to put on your calendar. But 2 things before we look at next year:

 First, Zone 3 has grown in 2020 only 20 less members than this same time last year. In other words, January through October 2019 we grew 4.6% and January through October 2020 we have grown 4.1%! For all the that 2020 has thrown that is outstanding!

Second, I want to thank all 16 region Presidents who have lead their regions with care and excellence. The following Regions will definitely have new presidents in 2020 and I want to thank these outgoing Presidents who have been a pleasure with which to work: Al Ellison Alabama Region, Sadie Kilcrease Carolinas Region, Audrey Woodman Coastal Empire Region, David Schroeder Heart O' Dixie Region, Vaughn Smith Smoky Mountain Region, Mike Toth, Tennessee Region, Steve Noiret Three Rivers Region, Mitch Rainero Wilderness Trail Region.

Shout out to Peachstate, Wilderness Trail, and Appalachian Regions in Zone 3 for the 2020 Membership contest data is through October:


Congrats to David Angelus from Appalachian Region who has neem appointed to the PCA National Audit Committee!

Select 2020 events

December 5-6 HPDE Roebling Road Raceway Coastal Empire Region details HERE

2021 Events on the Zone 3 Calendar

Your Region Presidents and their event chairs have been working on next year's events. The Zone 3 calendar is focused on the major events that might attract members from other regions and is not designed to take the place of your Region's website calendar. In fact, your Region websites will be even more critical to check for event information in 2021 as local ordinances will probably change throughout the year and may alter the nature of events or the ability for your Region to execute an event.

You can use the Zone 3 calendar for planning of the major events you might want to attend in 2021. Remember, not all events for next year have been confirmed so check the calendar often during the year. Also, the events shown may be rescheduled or cancelled so confirming with the host Region before the event is a good plan.

Select events for 2021 Through April:

January 23 Polar Bear Run Alabama Region, Porsche Birmingham

January 30-31 Rolex 24 PCA Porscheplatz Daytona, FL

February ?? (Dates are still being set stand by) Winterfest Tennessee Region Chattanooga, TN

March 5 Werks/Amelia Island Concours PCA National Amelia Island, FL

March 12 HPDE Instructor School Carolinas Region Carolinas Motorsport Park Kershaw, SC

March 13-14 HPDE Carolinas Region Carolinas Motorsport Park Kershaw, SC

March 20 Sebring 12 Hours PCA Porsche Corral Sebring, FL

April 9-11 Indy Grand Prix of AL Alabama Region Barber Motorsports Park, Leeds, AL

April 9-11 Club Race/Advanced Solo HPDE Peachstate Region Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta Braselton, GA

April 15-18 Tour de Lure Hurricane Region Lake Lure, NC

April 17-18 HPDE Coastal Empire Region Roebling Raceway Bloomingdale, GA

April 24-25 HPDE Alabama Region Barber Motorsports Park Leeds, AL

April 30-May 2 Spring Thing Smoky Mountain Region Johnson City, TN

Check the Zone 3 Website calendar (HERE) for even more large events, but the local Region website is always the go to for all events happening in a given Region. A handy source for all Region website's in Zone 3 is located HERE.

Stay well. Until we can meet again....Rod