Table RockThe day started chilly in Asheville but 24 Porsches and 39 members braved the cold to drive from Hendersonville to Table Rock State Park in South Carolina for a picnic.

The weather had warmed up by lunch with a beautiful sunny day. For proper social distancing people split off to the picnic pavilion while others enjoyed the lake view sitting on the dock or on their own chairs lakeside.

Dave White as a first-time drive leader picked this event up from a former member and added some of his route choices to deliver a great drive through DuPont State Forest and then down 276 with a stop at Caesar’s Head State Park. Phil Leftwich drove sweep for Dave while David Stori led Drive Group 2 with Don Therien as his sweep.

Thanks Guys for volunteering and handling these roles. The success of the club depends on our volunteers.

Post—lunch saw members head towards their specific interests. Some people hiked the wonderful trails of Table Rock, while others went shopping at the Bear Woodcarving Shop or sightseeing to Poinsett Bridge, the oldest bridge in the Southeast. Ten cars continued on for a spirited, but PCA compliant drive over Sassafras Mountain to Brevard.

This is the last drive of the year as the mountains start to become treacherous with the temperatures dropping. We have already started to establish our tech events for January, February and March. Watch for notices on the upcoming events.


Breakfast Ramble to Linville Falls with Breakfast at Louise’s Rockhouse Restaurant. We have a slot or two still available. Sign up here:


Enjoy photos from the day by scrolling through the pictures below from Gene Carter, Jim Moore, and Dave White.

Jim Moore – Vice President & Events Chair






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