After a foggy start at 8:30 am. the day turned into a great one for early-fall viewing.

Twelve driver/navigator teams participated. The rally objectives were to locate 40 items along a 60-mile route, and to log them in the order they occurred. These objects were barn quilts and distinctive parts of signs found along the way from north Asheville up around the Marshall area, and included roads most had not travelled. The Rally Master allowed backtracking, which several teams took advantage of. This resulted in a competitive contest, with most teams finding at least 37 of the 40 items. Applying demerits for out-of-order selections gave us our final standings.

Our top three finishers were:

  • Stephen and Mary Jo Goodman, #1
  • Dan and Gale Dazzo, #2
  • Brian and Janice Woodard, #3

Larry Koupal – Appalachian Rally Chair