Zone 3 Wins, Places and Shows at National Awards!

Right out of the chute once the Awards Ceremony began last night on You Tube, Hurricane Region takes Newsletter Cover of the Year in the heavyweight Class V. Congratulations to Der Wirbelsturm Newsletter Editor Darrell Bryant.

In Website of the Year, Appalachian Region takes third place in Class III. Congrats to Webmeister Dick Maybach

Zone 3 then places and shows in Class V for Website of the Year with Peachstate Region taking 3rd place and Hurricane Region taking 2nd place. Congrats to Peachstate Webmeister Terry Pearson and Hurricane Webmeister Shawn Gillen.

Finally, taking not a class win but an OVERALL win among all PCA Regions, Appalachian Region wins the PCA National Public Service Award. Congratulations to President Don Therien and Immediate Past President Peter Graham for an outstanding achievement within all of PCA!

Rod JohnsonRod Johnson, Zone 3 Rep