Hello members of Zone 3! I have been purposely offline these past few weeks; I didn't think you needed anything from me as your Regions have had much to tell you.


Concours prep Winterfest February 29, 2020 Tennessee Region

Just a few items for your consideration:

  • Zone 3 grew at over 1% through March to over 8500 primary members!
  • I'm sure you have seen our President Tom Gorsuch and his special guest with a message to PCA, if not you can catch it HERE
  • Next week is the Virtual California Festival of Speed, thought it might be something for the kids and the adults so check out the details HERE
  • Please be aware of your local ordinances concerning non-essential travel. As you can imagine, a line of Porsches on a drive not even sanctioned by PCA, moving through such an area is probably sending the wrong message about us. Please refrain from such activity.
  • I am working with your Region Presidents to re-establish the major events we show on the Zone 3 Calendar. Each Region is working hard to resolve what direction to take those events; Region websites, emails, and newsletters are your best source of information on the disposition of those activities. As I get updates to the Zone 3 Calendar I will refresh the Zone 3 calendar as appropriate.

Some great examples of Members Making a Difference are happening right here in our zone. I'm sure there are ones we will never hear about but some you may want to get in on now or use as an example to make a difference in your own region are:

Coastal Empire Go Fund Me for corner workers at Roebling Road details HERE

Alabama Region Go Fund Me for corner workers at Barber Motorsports Park details HERE

Peachstate Region Call to Action for the Atlanta FoodBank details HERE

Appalachian Region supporting Manna FoodBank details HERE

I'm hearing more events to make a difference are in the works too!

You can check the Zone 3 Website calendar (HERE) for large events but the local Region website is always the go to for all events happening in a given Region. A handy source for all Region website's in Zone 3 is located HERE.

Rod JohnsonStay well. Until we can meet again....Rod