K&MOur first tech session of 2020 was at the immaculate shop of K&M Collision in Hickory.

It was well worth the up to two-hour drive to learn about the complexities of repairing modern cars. The many materials in them can react if joined improperly, resulting in structure compromises months or years later, even though the repair initially looks flawless. Manufacturers now often use adhesives to join structural body parts, following the lead of the aircraft industry. It is especially important that repairs retain the crumple features that save lives in serious accidents. An extra hole or reinforcement plate could result in a serious injury if the car experiences a later crash. For this reason, many car manufacturers, including Porsche, certify collision repair shops only they have passed stringent inspections and their staffs equally stringent practical exams. K&M is the closest Porsche-certified collision repair shop to Asheville, and shuttles customers to and from there almost every day. If course, it wouldn’t be an Asheville Region event if food weren’t involved, so after the shop tour we gathered for Lunch to bulk up for the drive home.

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