There continue to be recent incidents of scammers, posing as a region officer or event chair, sending an email to a fellow region officer or event chair requesting money or gift cards as rewards or to pay a vendor.

They can look legitimate as they are spoofing the email of a known individual, usually asking for gift cards, a check or bank information, and stating that they can't be reached by phone. It has been observed these emails sometimes contain misspellings, significant grammatical errors and a sense of urgency to act.

To avoid being a victim of these scams, there are actions you can take:

  • Please be sure to verify the authenticity of all requests for money. Please check with your fellow officers via phone or in-person before taking action. Always verify the request by means other than email.
  • Do not list region or national email addresses in your website. Instead, provide a “Contact Us” type of interface on your website that allows members/guests to contact you via a web form that does not reveal your direct email address.
  • Do not list region/personal phone numbers on your website. Scammers will use these for social engineering via phone calls and texts, in an attempt to dupe you into providing sensitive information.
  • If you use a custom domain for your website and email addresses, work with your domain registrar to implement spam filtering on inbound emails. Also work with your domain registrar to hide your contact information from public "whois" searches.
    Before clicking on links in unsolicited email, carefully check the link address and if it is not a known URL, do not click it.

Don Roof
Region Web Coordinator
Porsche Club of America