Medinas“Porsches over Lunch” saw 18 Porsches with 30 drivers and navigators ramble their way to Medinas Village Bistro in Chimney Rock.

After a week of heavy rains, we all woke Saturday morning wondering if the drive would be in the rain.  It was great to see the clear blue skies that the mountains are known for.


It was a mixed bag in the morning for various participants.  Organizer Joe Watson contacted me to say his dog Prancer had been bitten by a Copperhead so he was at the Vet and wouldn’t make the lunch. We are happy to report that Prancer is recovering nicely. And want to thank Joe in his absence for finding and scheduling Medina's.

Peter and Claudia Graham were MIA at the start of the lunch, which surprised me. It turns out that the report that Highway 9 is open with a flagman is only true during the week. The road is closed on weekends so Peter and Claudia had to backtrack and detour but still arrived for a late lunch – better late than never.

The food was really good and many of the tables featured new match-ups and pairings so new friends were made.  Since Linda and I only live 25 minutes down the road, Linda joined me for one of her rare Porsche event appearances and thoroughly enjoyed it.  She is looking forward to Appalachian Adventure as I heard many people discussing at their tables.  Two weeks and counting...


Medina’s loved the look of the Porsches lined up in front of the restaurant as did many of the visitors to Chimney Rock who were busy taking pictures of our beautiful cars.


We had a great assortment of cars present, a couple turbos, cabriolets, an SC, a 964, Caymans, Boxsters, a Panamera, two 944’s and two Macans   Linda and I have a loner Sapphire Blue Macan S and really enjoyed the driving characteristics as we drove the Drovers Road Scenic Byway on the way to Medina's while tailing Steve and Mary Jo Goodman in their color matching Sapphire Blue Boxster.


Two members, James Helhorst with his Miami Blue Cayman and Fuzzy Dave and his wife Cheryl in their blue 996 missed the sign-up but decided to drive down Drovers Road Scenic Byway as suggested and then stopped in.  We made room. There is always room for a Porsche member/driver at our events. If you miss sign-up time and want to come, just contact me.  We can often make room due to last minute no-shows and cancellations.

See you at the Ridges for Appalachian Adventure!

Jim MooreJim Moore
Appalachian Events Chair