Appalachian Region at Parade
In case you haven’t heard… Don and Robin Grainger and Don and Lee Therien represented the Appalachian Region at this year's PCA Parade. The Appalachian Region placed 1st Runner Up in the Region of the Year award; Mid-Ohio won top honors. Don Therien (our VP) garnered the 1st place the Hagerty Kids Choice Award, 2nd Place Concours trophy in Preparation II (street: Macans, Cayennes) and 1st place Trophy in Autocross (Macans, Cayennes, Panameras). Well done, Don! The Appalachian Region was also awarded 2nd place for our website (based on Region size - 9 submissions in our class).

APR at the Parade

Upcoming Appalachian Region Events
‘Porsches over Lunch’ Ramble - Saturday August 4th, 11:30am: join us at Medina's Village Bistro in Chimney Rock at 400 Main Street for lunch and banter. For more information and registration (required for lunch reservations): Porsches over Lunch

Appalachian Social Mixer - Wednesday August 8th, 5:00-7:00pm: Blue Ghost Brewing Company, 125 Underwood Rd, Fletcher. Food is available; as usual there is no program just a meet-up with your Porsche friends. Look for the white AR badges.

AR Board of Directors Monthly Meeting - Thursday, August 9th 4:00pm: Conference Room at Porsche Asheville.

Appalachian Adventure - August 17-19: the Ridges Resort at Lake Chatuge, Hiawassee, GA

AR BOD Monthly Meeting - Thursday, August 30th 4:00pm: Conference Room at Porsche Asheville.

Track Days
Carolinas Region Fall DE, September 8-9: Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw, SC.

Autocross, September 16: Michelin Testing Grounds, Laurens, SC

Carolinas Region November DE, November 16-18: Virginia International Raceway, Alton, Va.

Registration for both DE events is now open via; more information to follow on autocross registration.

Save the Date
2018 AR-PCA Christmas/Holiday Gathering will be held Tuesday, December 11th at 6:00pm at Harmony Motors/Porsche Asheville. This year's charity organization is Helpmate (a domestic violence agency). has been selected as this year's charity partner. Our very own Gary Snipes is a sitting Helpmate Board member and was instrumental in introducing Charlie Shieren to the organization and its mission.

...and a Few Words about Driving
As Porsche owners, we greatly benefit from the racing experience that is built into our cars. How can we take advantage of this benefit? A simple way is to participate in a PCA High Performance Driving Education (HPDE or more simply DE). While some of us may shudder at the idea of taking our beloved Porsches to the track, there is no better environment to explore not only the limitations of our cars but, more importantly, our own limitations as drivers. We recently had a tech session given by Jack Chandler, our Chief Driving Instructor, discussing what DE's are ...and aren't. DE's are not a race: you drive at your own level with the assistance of an instructor in the passenger's seat. DE's are a safe environment for you and your car to explore limits and as a driver learning experience. I mention this not only to promote our track program but to enhance the overall safety of our group driving events: I have noticed too many drivers who cannot/will not let their car 'roll through a corner'. This is most apparent when exiting a corner with a greater distance behind the next car in front (having braked/slowed in the corner and then applying greater speed on straighter sections to 'catch up'); this can be a function of inexperience, lack of awareness and/or misjudgment. I'll be the first to admit to misjudging a corner and having to brake while still turning: however, if I know the limitations of my Porsche, a mistake causes only embarrassment (if at all), not a tragic outcome. Lessons learned apply to 'normal' driving too. If you have not participated in a DE or similar driver training, I encourage you to attend an HPDE. Because of our central location, we benefit by having Regions all around us, with tracks relatively close by, that are sponsoring drivers education events. Avail yourself to the opportunity!

Peter GrahamKeepin' the shiny side up!