Interested in a multi-event weekend in early June? The Carolinas Region annual Sommerfest weekend is going to be in Chapel Hill, NC, the weekend of 06.08-10.18. You can register for the event at The host hotel is the Sheraton on Europa Drive in Chapel Hill. The Region has several neat events planned for the weekend!

The Nashville area region, Musik Stadt, announces their annual Concours d’Elegance in the Park. This years’ event will be held on Saturday, May 19th, in Edwin Park, in Nashville. Various trophies will be awarded. Registration is not available the day of the event, so registration is available at …

Porsche has announced a worldwide event heralding the 70th anniversary of the Porsche automobile. June 08 has been chosen as ‘Sportscar Together Day’. Porsche considers all of its automobiles as ‘sports cars’, so don’t feel left out just because your Porsche has four doors! Porsche expects owners from all over the world to take photos of themselves, and their rides, and then post those snaps on social media sites. Your Region may in fact be doing something of their own for ‘Sportscar Together Day’. Celebrations are expected to take place from June 08 through June 10.

Well, the factory Porsche RSR’s (#911 and #912) were creamed by the competition, once again, this time at Long Beach, CA. The RSR’s finished 6th and 7th in class, beat out by Corvettes (one finishing first), the Ford GT’s, and the lone BMW.

The Smoky Mountain Region announces their next Drivers Education event. This time at Atlanta Motorsports Park. The scheduled date is September 15, 2018. The event cost is $300.00 per driver. Site information can be seen at To register for the event, sign up through Club Registration, at There is a limit on available spots, so the Region recommends you register soon!

The Appalachian Region has closed its registration for their event in Brevard, NC, slated for May 05. The Luft, Wasser + Brevard event sold out at one hundred cars. The cars will be brought into downtown Brevard under police escort, and then staged for display. Ought to be quite a show!

Vic RolaSee you at the next PCA event…
Vic Rola
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