On today’s scouting drive from Asheville to Brevard we certainly experienced the “wasser” part of the title.

Wet, Foggy Asheville Scouting Drive
Wet, Foggy Asheville Scouting Drive

It was raining so hard and the fog was so thick passing the Mt Pisgah summit at 5500’ that our caravan was crawling at 20 mph. The weather was awful for a drive but your planning team still had fun driving and preparing for your drive on May 5. The display parking team identified several new display opportunities during the scouting trip. We are now able to let a few of the wait list cars participate. This will bring us to 100 Porsches coming to Brevard on May 5 for this first time event.

Dry Hendersonville Scouting Drive
Dry Hendersonville Scouting Drive

It should be a great Porsche experience to drive to, parade through and display in Brevard with your 100+ new and old Porsche friends.

The host restaurant, Marco’s Trattoria, is being set up with open seating so you can join other Porsche owners you may or may not know. The goal is that by the end of lunch you’ll have new friends. Or, if you are coming with a group of existing friens you may want to explore one of the other fine restaurants in Brevard.

Since we are at maximum capacity for the event, I would appreciate if you can advise me if you schedule changes and you can’t make the event. I have a waitlist and would like to get everyone into the event that wants to participate.


Jim MooreJim Moore
Events Chair
Appalachian Region
Porsche Club of America
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