Fifty-four members have completed the survey that we ran last month, and I think we have a good picture of our members' interests.

Some results are puzzling. We had difficulty filling our track event last year, yet the interest in it is fairly high. We’ve had two recent sell-out events, our St. Patrick’s Day lunch and our Luft-Wasser car show, yet restaurant meals and concours rate fairly low. My conclusion is that we shouldn’t let survey results influence our program too much, but continue to try new things to see what works.

Each type of event was rated from 0 to 5 (no interest to high interest).

Average Event


Celebration (Christmas/Holiday Gathering)


Saturday morning monthly meeting with a program


Multi-event weekend (Appalachian Adventure)


Cars & coffee


Multi-day Tour


Evening social

Event Comments

  • All of your events that I so far have attended have been well organized and a fun time. Charity support is a big plus on our part.
  • Thanks for doing such a great job!
  • Events are well planned and executed.
  • Dine and Drive = 5
  • Drive and dine is a favorite as a couple
  • My wife and I enjoy D.E. events
  • We have enjoyed them when able to attend
  • Meetings with tech sessions and drive and dines are my preference. My location limits evening participation.
  • I really like the drive events. There's something special about being a part of a long caravan of Porsches. More parkway group drives please ☺
  • We are new members this month so our preferences should be tempered. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  • I am surprised you do not have a monthly evening meeting with free food and tied in with a simple tech session. That way everyone gathers for either social or tech session to learn something and allow the officers to inform the Club on what is going on with the PCA and inform them of up coming events. If you wish to grow the club more allows offer free food and an informative evening.
  • Really glad that the Chapter has grown so much so fast!
  • Tech Talks = 5
  • Tech event last month was outstanding
  • Don't make it to all of them but those that we do have been excellent. Well done to the folks that make it happen.
  • I do my best to make it up there but moat of the summer I work all weekend. Love what you guys are doing and hope to make the track events in the spring and fall.
  • I appreciate the effort being made to improve social nature of the group
  • Suggestion: "Porsche Girls" only events - car and non-car related
  • Need social events not centered around craft breweries and alcohol.I do not have enough willpower to go to them for our social and not have a beer or two, then drive home-sixty plus miles.At 73,I cannot afford to risk a DUI or accident.
  • We like them all!
  • Dinner at the Ramble is a great t event and would be great maybe to have a second one for the group.

Each type of activity was rated from 0 to 5 (no interest to high interest).

Average Activity


Visit to repair and restoration shops


Tech and historical quiz


Rally (time-distance, gimmick)


Discussion of car maintenance (parts, tools, techniques)


Track event as a spectator (autocross, DE, club racing, professional races)


Discussion of car cleaning materials and techniques


Dealer introduction of new Porsche models and features


Discussion of Porsche systems and technology


Winery or brewery visit


Concours (shine and show, peoples choice, judged)


Social (meet and greet, social mixer)


Track event as a driver (kart, autocross, DE, professional driving school, club racing)


Caravan to event (concours, rallies, races)


Restaurant meal or picnic

Activity Comments

  • Restaurant meal = 5; Picnic = 2
  • We like 'em all!

Each member indicated the areas to which he or she was interested in contributing.

Number Areas That Interest Me


Region events


Special Events (e.g., Appalachian Adventure)


Concours planning




Track event planning


Social Media (Facebook)


Marketing & Communication


APR history


Merchandising & Goodie Store coordination



Region Involvement Comments

  • Already involved.
  • Except overnights, I would be happy to perform assigned task before and at the above events.
  • We hope to attend more events this year.
  • Not yet.
  • New members wish to get our feet wet before volunteering.
  • Difficult to commit because of travel and Florida residence.
  • Sorry Can't donate time as I am President of two other organizations.
  • I believe I am involved enough... :)
  • Let me get to know how things are done \nI may like to volunteer in the future.
  • distance and health present obstacles for me at times which limit participation.
  • The payback gets better every year!

Dick MaybachDick Maybach
Website Chair