The Appalachian Region's Luft, Wasser and Brevard

This is a new event for the Appalachian Region. It starts with a guided drive from one of three locations or you find your own way to meet us in Brevard at a central collection area. There will be an escorted parade from the collection point into downtown Brevard leading us to a closed off section of Main Street. Our cars will be on display from 11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with flexibility to come/go as your schedule dictates. All Porsches are welcomed. (Super/Junior Tractor anyone?).  

Luft, Wasser, Brevard

At this time, we need registrations to gauge participation. It is important for this inaugural event to have a good showing as the City of Brevard is going out of their way to accommodate us as a city tourism event. Please plan to join us in Brevard on May 5th!
Luft, Wasser and Brevard Information page and registration link

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