Irish RambleThe last minute plan for the Irish Ramble at Lulu’s on Main in Sylva, North Carolina to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day turned into a full-blown rumble as the event quickly escalated from a 15 person event to 34+ members.

The drive to Sylva from Asheville was gray and rainy. Charlie Hickey was reporting rain all the way from Hendersonville.

Those of us flying down 40 from Asheville to Sylva soon came to a screeching halt as the road went down to one lane. We inched along in the left lane with a wide-open right lane that was supposed to be closed. I saw two 911 cabs up ahead and decided to jump for the open lane. I passed Don and Robin Grainger and then Dr. Jim Thompson and Diane. They both tucked in behind and we had a Porsche caravan driving for daylight.

It was then a game of chicken when to slip into the opening in the left lane before we lost our lane. Don jumped back into line first, then Jim and finally myself. We trudged along until we had clear lanes again. We scooted off enjoying Porsche Performance when all of a sudden Jim slowed behind me. I slowed and was glad as a Smokey passed us both. I am sure it would have made his day to “meet” a few Porsche drivers. We made up time and pulled into Sylva to find every type of Porsche imaginable parked on Main Street. I saw Caymans, 911’s, Boxsters, turbos, 944’s, Targas, cabs, Cayennes and several air-cooled beauties.

The party was underway already when we entered. Still being fairly new to the region, there were a lot of new faces for us to meet. The first people we met were Rusty and Elizabeth from the Peachstate Region. I didn’t remember anyone from Peachstate signing up – strange… As it turned out Rusty and Elizabeth Russ from the Peachstate Region just so happened to be in Sylva with their 1980 911 SC Targa enjoying the day. They came into the restaurant to eat and fell into a PCA party. We had a couple of no-shows so we had room and welcomed them to our Appalachian Region party.

Everyone eventually arrived and we sat down to a St Patrick’s day toast and then a lunch of Corned Beef & Cabbage, Fish & Chips and Shepherd’s Pie. It was great food and we had a fun discussion at our table. Rusty suggested we try a tradition that they do in Peachstate. Everyone introduced themselves and said what Porsche they drove. I think we might have made a match when Greg Seiz said he was in the market for an SC and TD King said he had one for sale. Let’s keep an eye on whether that transaction occurs. After lunch, everyone jumped in their car and “rambled” home to Waynesville, Asheville, Hendersonville, Boone and other corners of WNC.

I conducted a survey so I could understand the terrific participation. Number one reason: Spring Fever – we just needed to get out in our Porsche, second was the spouse/partner friendly event and third was the St Patrick’s Day theme. It wasn’t on the survey but I also think that the location of Sylva with find your own way brought people from the north, south, east and west of the region.

Next up: a Tech session on April 7 and then Wheels to Whisky driving tour on April 14. And, don’t forget to register for Luft, Waser & Brevard occurring May 5. This event is going to be big and fun. Don’t miss it. Register here.

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Irish Ramble
Irish Ramble
Irish Ramble