Just a quick reminder of two events this week.

  • March Social - this Wednesday 5-7pm at the Sierra Nevada Taproom. Walk past the reception desk to look toward the left for the usual white name badges. Food and drink are served.
  • Irish Ramble - this Saturday, 11:45am at Lulu’s on Main in Sylva, NC. Plan your own route ('Ramble') and join us for an Irish meal of Corned Beef & Cabbage, Fish & Chips or other Irish delicacies. Please reserve your spot at our table: reservation link.

We are working to serve the Appalachian Region members better and developed an online member survey with three goals:

  • Develop a directory so that members can contact each other. Being listed is optional, and it would contain only your name, e-mail address, and (optionally) your car(s) and would be available only to Appalachian Region members.
  • Find your interests so that we can plan programs that match them.
  • Find in what club activities you would like to participate.

Appalachian Member Interest Survey: please submit your entry by April 15. (Note: a software upgrade had broken this, but it's been repaired. If you had problems earlier, please try again.)


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